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IM BACK!!!! after a long break of glued to a game im back to post on supercheats. So ive been here since May 8th i have submitted quite a few things on many's the rest...

call me detroyer96 or d96 or destroyer whatever...

2700 forum posts
50 submissions
700 team posts
number 1 submitter for Pokemon Platinum (and i still am after my break!!)
Moderator as of August 3rd 2009 of Pokemon Platinum forum WOO GO ME!!! (and lost moderator as of february 2010 :( )

10000 forum posts
200 submissions
become moderator of 5 forums
get in the top 5 for nintendo ds
win something in supercheats awards
get 1000 team posts

hadugen: my buddy from a while ago
Pokemonhacker68: what can i say he's awesome

People of whom i respect or consider friends in order...kinda:
Team SuperCheats: well duhh he owns the site
oh joy destruction: awesome guy havent seen him lately though
qwertyuio: recently promoted to s-mod. I love you qwert!!!!
Vasco: a new s-mod and an awesome guy
Currymonster: lol hes a new s-mod...the name says it all
Traffic Monger: one of my FG buddies
hatershateme: an awesome guy who owns a cool team
K-Y-R: he left recently, i miss you man
Prod1gy X: my former FG buddy, an awesome guy
all mods and admins...: well....self explanatory...

Goal Machine
Trainer Saphire
Prod1gy1 X

I want to mod:
Runescape Hub
Pokemon Hub
General Chat
Forum Games
The SuperCheats Times
Suggestions and Problems

now for a funny quote:

"sometimes when i feel afraid i go and curl up in a corner like a carrot" - random guy on youtube.

now leave b4 i call the cops.


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