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ey im daniel seaqnez im mexican my last name is pronounced see- A- nez not seanez like shawnez
my poketeam rite now in leafgreen is lvl 64 charsard: blast burn, fire blast, flamethrower, and dragon rage. pidgeot lvl 60: wing attack,areal ace, fly, agility. nidoking lvl 58: megahorn, thunder, sludge bomb, earthquake. kadabra lvl60: psybeam, phsycic, trick, future sight. cant choose mew2 lvl 70; phsycic, swift, future sight, and recover, marowaklvl 52; bone rush boomerang, false swipe, thrash or rage. dddewgong lvl54: ice beam sheer cold surf waterfall thats all i can think of