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Welcome good readers of my incredible bio! (unless you can't read, but i assume you can if your'e on here)

UPDATE TIME! its been awhile! but alas, I am back and better than ever. i'm currently living in Newtown CT and I finally am starting to buy video games again after having sold them all because my grades were dropping. Now I have better grades, as well as easier classes, so I can make my return! (sorry to those who felt abandoned :() I can't wait to see all the new people on here, as well as visit with the old breed! I never made much of a name for myself on this site, but i still never regret joining

speaking of friends, id like to list a few people that stand out of the crowd for me. don't cry if your not on the list, i still like you.

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Forgoten_Scars: just. pure. lol.

balthiersbit: the absolute greatest dinosaur in the world! =D

steelersrock01: always answers my questions with great detail and an all around nice person.

superbird5005: hilarious! =D =D =D

Keyblade21: thoughtful and friendly. a real bro.

Surfing Pikachu: good posts and i love his team!

Vasco: LOL!

sphynxx: hes from New Zealand. enough said!

Glaceon: very helpful in guiding me when i was new. i still make a lot of stupid mistakes on here, but hes always there to help.

pikachugirl: a bit eccentric, but still a genuinely friendly person.

here are some people i don't like:

none, unless you count my crappy keyboard.


-Shane A.K.A The Boss


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