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Hello :D Here's Mercenary Rubia (aka: Trainer Saphire)
I'm proud to say that I own the ranked #3 team, Team Saphire. Gotta thank all the members and my friends for that!

i have the best friends, why dont i give ya'll a list of my friends and e-pplz? lol (order has nothing to do wit it)
Arceus101/I_am_Naruto (need I say more?)
TWILIGHT LINK (he's a good mod and friend, funny avys 2 :P)
Kurotenshi (He's cools and a good friend )
DNL (He's a good friend, no more to say on teh matter )
beastgir (hes crazy, but arent we all?)
Blitzman (I gotta remember to save .xcf when making him a sig)
Hyperfox (good friend, mod, huge sasume fan and cutest avys <3 )
balthiersbit (she funny xD)
bradthegamemaster (he's funny and a big anime fan and he's single ladies xD)
dragonite_at_a_disco (we gots ALOT in common :D)
brandon2ko (sorta random, but arent we all? xD)
resaiden/Flamedrario (known to me as silly bird lol hes a good hub mod)
Eagle Eye (hes very religious, and into runescape xD)
lucario_master1991 (hes funny, we like to make maxxy mad xD)
maxxy209 (he's snaps at times, but he's nice none the less we like to make him mad xD)
harlsta (sort of on the mean side, but a good person nonetheless)
speedt (a stalker of brads lol )
dynamitekid123 (he's one of the cool noobs lol )
GAME TWISTER ( Random and likes my book ^^ )
Naruto Uzamaki12345 (nice and fun, what more to add?)
-R.R. (He's cool, good from the start at gimp XD)
ACDC fan 08 (cools and writes good songs )

If yah wanna find me, look on meh team, and join if cha feel like it! :P

Hyperfox come back as soon as yah can, yah hear! :D

You find me 'round general boards, like general chat xp


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