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Welcome! I used to be one of the most active members through 2013-early 2015. You may find me posting in General Chat or Forum Games when I'm active. I'm mostly into Mario games but I also play others sometimes such as Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros & Animal Crossing New Leaf. Here's a little bit more about me.

As you can probably tell from my username, my name is Matt. I live in Australia, in the city of Perth which is in the western state. I was born on the 28th of February, 2000. Some of my hobbies are playing video games, watching TV, and of course, posting on SuperCheats. I'm so lazy XD. Below is some SuperCheats information about what I have achieved here, & what I once wanted to achieve in the future, but may still one day. Also below, is a story I created, of how the site of began (it's make-believe by the way). I hope you enjoy it!

SuperCheats Achievements:
- Placed 3rd in the December 2013 MVP
- Placed 2nd in the September 2014 MVP
- Ranked 38th in the member stats leaderboard
- 7,000 posts
- 800 submissions
- 120,000 points
- 3 years on SuperCheats
- Highest submitter for 3DS games
- Highest submitter for Wii games
- 3rd highest Wiki submitter

SuperCheats Goals: (Green=completed, Orange=almost there, Red=Incomplete
- Join the top 50 members in the points leaderboard
- Join the top 35 members in the points leaderboard
- 2,000 posts
- 5,000 posts
- 10,000 posts
- 500 submissions
- 1,000 submissions
- 20,000 points
- 50,000 points
- 75,000 points
- 100,000 points
- Be in the top 3 highest Wiki submitters
- Become the highest submitter for Wii games

Part 1:Lost & Found

Well you see, when I was a little boy, there was a small village. In the village, everyone has the names of Matt, Keyblade, Warrior, Kingof, Steelersrock, Alana & hundreds of various other names. Certain numbers were added onto the end of your names. For example Matt63, Warrior2, Steelersrock01 or Keyblade6. But the Alana & Kingof models were names differently. The Alana's had a letter after them such as Alana|B. The Kingof models always had a vegetable name after them such as KingofCucumbers. But one tragic day, the models were destroyed, or at least most of them were. I remained as Matt76, & set sail to find where my kind had gone. I couldn't find them. No Matts were to be seen. I thought all hope was lost. But then I spotted a Keyblade model. It was Keyblade19. He was dying, & needed to upgrade. I stayed with him until he upgraded & became Keyblade20. Together we searched for other models. After 8 years of travels we found one. He was laying dead on a corn field. This model was called sphynxx. We tried desperately to save him but it was too late. He had left our world. But suddenly another model, a Kingof model appeared. He was KingofCorn, & decided to join us, after his friend had died. We crossed several lands & chatted about the history of our great country America, until we found a Steelersrock model. This one was the very original; Steelersrock01. He joined us, & we crossed the seven seas searching. When we were in mainland Italy, we found a small girl. She was a model, this time an Alana model. Her name was Alana|C, & she told us of a Warrior12 found in New Mexico. We wasted no time & swam across the sea to reach New Mexico. We were greeted by the Warrior model as we expected. As time went on & we grew older & sometimes upgraded, we found more & more models & formed a community with us models. Model Richard, model Dennis & Model Mark lead the community, & we found more & more models. Eventually there were hundreds of us in the community. But near the time of 2011, we started losing models. Some ventured off to other parts & some reached the part of their lives where they could not upgrade again. The final community group was me; Matt77, KingofCorn, Warrior13, Keyblade21 & Alana|D. However, some models stayed near the outskirts of our area, & occasionally popped in every now & again.

Part 2:The Kanginningaroo Of The End

Ok so some of the final part of my last story was false. Really something devastating happened to us. On the day of December 5th, 2011, we were all relaxing in the community. Then we heard these giant, thundering leaps of doom. We looked behind us & an army of kangaroos came sprinting towards us. We made cover above our circus tents to avoid the rampage. These kangaroos seemed...different. Something was wrong with them. But then we saw! An altered model of the Kingofs; KinfofCorn! He was being dragged inside a cage by the kangaroos. As we were thinking of a plan, one of our members; Warnings, attempted an escape, but was caught by the kangaroos & locked in a separate cage. I decided I needed to make an escape of my own. I jumped off the roof & sprinted away. I entered the nearby forest & ran & ran & ran, but the kangaroos were too quick, & caught me. I was locked in a cage, & was taken away my this group of kangaroos. I never knew what happened to everyone back at the tents...

26th of March, 2011:

Well it was really a day with no surprises to begin with. Do the same thing. Try to escape. Fail, get fed the dung from places you wouldn't want to see. But this day (it was around 10 o'clock at night) I felt that this was it. The kangaroos seemed weak. They seemed weak in the 26th of January & February too. I thought; this was it. I needed to escape sneakily, get out of the forest area & get into nearby civilisation. So I did what I always do; slowly chip off the bars on the cage & then crawl out. I sneaked & hid behind whatever I could find to avoid being seen. Then, I saw my chance. I sprinted for my life out & into the dense forest area. As I was sprinting, THUD! I crashed into another person running through the forest. When we got up, we both instantly recognised each other. It was KinfofCorn, the one in the cage back at the tents. We both knew what was happening; we were both escaping from separate prisons. We knew there would be 2 times the kangaroos hunting us down. We both chose to head north. KinfofCorn mentioned a river up north. He had seen it sometimes from his cage. We ran & ran for miles & miles, finding dull cities, & eventually, we saw it. A beautiful city, the fresh river, the night lights. Immediately we headed to the city, to hopefully find help.

Part 3: The Internet, Oh What A Fine Thing!

Really when I was inside that cage with the kangaroos, I had time to think about the past. I remembered many memories which were once lost, once never gazed upon. So back to my story, KinfofCorn & I were heading to that city. To our wildest amazement, there were others in this city. Not our models, but they all seemed different. It was unbelievable. These people thrived through manual labour, friendly discussions, & a strict routine. For weeks we observed these people & noticed one thing they had which we didn't. The need for a life. These people had several places & things they needed to do; whereas us models just needed to talk. Talking was the way of life for us. Sure these people talked, but it was optional to talk. KinfofCorn decided he must venture off to the eastern side of this area, so we departed & wished each other safe lives. I never saw him again.

I sneaked inside a small building. It had a square-shaped device on a desk. In the corner of the screen, it said 30/12/11. So the date was December 30th. Guess time flies when you have to walk hundreds of kilometres to city life. I saw an icon on the bottom of the screen of an orange & blue circle. The orange was shaped similar to the animals we called Xofs. I used a device next to me and eventually made the xof circle open a menu. I could enter words into the bar on the menu page. I pressed the letter S, & in the recent searches, it had "super cheats". I clicked on that & proceeded into the page called SuperCheats. This would be my new home.

Part 4: Goodbye My Brother; Hello My Friends

At first once I had worked out how to use this thing, I would answer gamers' questions about games. Then I found forums, which had polite members chatting on them. I stayed on these forums for a week, before I saw the username of a member. It was Keyblade21. I privately messaged Keyblade21 about my past, & he recognised the stories I was telling. This was Keyblade21 from the tents! I told him I would venture back. But what about KinfofCorn? I thought of him as a brother. We traveled to many cities together before finding this one. How can I just leave without finding him, & saying the final farewell? I left instructions on this computer on how he can find me; if he ever returned, & then after notifying Keyblade21 that I was coming home, I left, & ventured for home.

9 months. 9 months it took me to get home. But I was home, & everyone I knew was there. Except KinfofCorn. And for decades & decades we talked, laughed, & had fun at home. The home I had named,

I think that's it! Have a wonderful time browsing the site, and if you like forums, you should head to our Forum Games! You'll be sure to have a great time there.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message! It may be a while until I reply depending on how active I am at the time, but I'll get back to you ASAP. See you

Last updated on the 1st of September, 2015.


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