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Welcome to my bio!

A little about me

My name is Paul, but many on-site call me Glai. I'm a Teams and Clans burrow, and love to role play. I'm a 19 year old male and like Star Trek, Pokemon, Super Mario, and Call of Duty. If you have any questions or just wanna talk, contact me at


skymin - I love you, but dun eat me. D;
Ninetailed Fox - Lizzy the bat. Got me into Digimon again.
Alana|D - Cutest frawgy ever!
baltheirsbit - Sexy dino.
Guy117 - Weegeee!!!
Squall Leonhart VIII - He likes fruit and hatchets.
SnowBowlKirby - My ol' friend Final_Guard_Omega. ^_^

And practically everyone else. I love you all. ^_^

Site goals? Ehh, I just come here to have fun.

Bai now.


My SuperCheats

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It's in my sig. Just click 'Click to go to my new tlg&w site'.
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Damn I love this layout. Looks very modern. ^_^
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SuperCheats Awards | 8th May 2013
I win all da awards causs I'm a sexy fox mang. :0
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New Staff Line-Up | 2nd Apr 2013
So I see.
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My Teams

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Mariokart Wii
The most fun mario game!
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