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93 tgf 22nd Jun 2005 88% Read Review
305 cubegamer4u 22nd Apr 2006 88% Read Review
871 Richard8777 26th May 2008 86% Read Review
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Added 1 Jun 2006, ID #21427
Medal of Honor games is the best war game that came out for both playstation and playstation two, but \'European Assault\' is the best one that came out. When you play the game, it feels like you are in the game and it has a real life feature. Most of the missions are easy and the last area are hard. You don\'t really need cheats for this game. I\'ll give this game a good ten out of ten for everything it gives for the person playing it. and get
Added 16 Jul 2005, ID #16204
this is a big improvement of the other medal of honer game there is many more things that you can do to control your character to make it seem more realistic and fun so i no matter what recomend this game
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