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i-m-indian1819th May 2006, ID #316
A few years ago, I wasn’t much into personal computer gaming at all when a friend told me about a game developed by Remedy Entertainment and 3D Realms which played just like the movie, The Matrix. I..

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Is it the best or just a pain up the rare end ?? Added 2 Jan 2004, ID #5940
The Good

Its a PC Classic
Bullet time is cool
Cool weapons
the killing part is good

The Bad

It was on the PC first
A rubbish story mode it looks LIKE A COMIC FOR PEAK SHAKE

7/10 Not one of the greastest games but its fun to play on...
ID #1949

Max Payne is on the edge of your seat excitement. A rogue cop taking on the mob and anyone else that get's in the way of him avenging his families death.With an aray of weapons,and a thirst for blood. Max Payne is a hit!! The graphics are awsome,The action scenes are a must see.If you havn't checked it out yet,then what are you waiting for? Go buy it,let the slaughter begin.

ID #1948

ok, its a cool game sure, but if you happen to keep dying in the same spot, like right at the end, the little scences really annoy you, and it loads for like a minutes everytime you take a step, oh and the prolouge things just make you smile...k not really, good game, people die, cool weapons, if you do not have patients then do not get this game.

ID #1947

Max Payne is one of the best games ive played. Its graphics are sooo relastic. Its the closest thing to a real movie. You get all these cool weapons and when you shoot with the sniper rifle you can see the bullet close up coming to the enemy. I would give the game a 10/10.

ID #1946

this game is excellent . that i've beeen after this game for two months . i'm really glad. it was the last copy .i thought it was hard when you return to the house and you find out that it is a maze.

ID #1945
Max Payne is one of the best games I have ever played.When I first got this I thought it wouldn't be a good game but i was way off.This game has cool graphics and the story is cool.One of my favorite parts of this game is Bullet Time.If I was to rate this game from one to ten i would give it a ten.

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