Boss Battle - 06

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So this is the boss battle against Wiggler. This boss has about 540 HP, so you might want to consider using your special attacks if you can use them properly. First off, let me say that your fire attack will do you no good here. Punch the body segments from the back to front to turn them all yellow. Once all 4 segments are yellow, the head will turn yellow as well so that you can attack it to do overall damage.

If he throws veggies up in the air, punch them. If he throws Leaf Guys in the air, duck. If he charges you head on, hit the body segments 3 times and then duck so his head doesn't hurt you. If he circles you, hit his body segments three times, then hit his head. If you see Leaf Guys up in the air with a massive veggie, use your vacuum attack to suck them in.

Good luck, and thanks for watching~
Added 4th Jun 2011, ID #9172

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I can't beat the carrot minigame

Added 18th Sep 2012, ID #4590

I'm actually shocked that battle went so smoothly.

Added 4th Jun 2011, ID #2011

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