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Leveling Up

Leveling up in Knights and Dragons is a little more complicated than you might find in other games. As well as being able to level up your main knight and essentially your profile, you are able to level up individual suits of armor. Each of these areas will be looked at in detail below.

Your Level

Like most games, Knights and Dragons features a leveling system whereby the more experience you collect, the further you progress through the game.

You can see your current status at the top left of the screen, showing how far you have to go until the next level. As you continue to fight and defeat enemies, while crossing off the quests that the game throws at you, you will advance through the levels.

Each enemy you destroy in single-player earns you experience. This is indicated by a blue star icon, along with a number showing just how much you have earned.

As you level up, you receive various extras, including items, gold, and even occasionally some Gems. You are not particularly restricted by being at a low level as in some games, it is more a sign of how far you have come.

Armor Levels

In addition to the level that your central profile holds, the level of each individual suit of armor that you own is important - particularly those that you use regularly for your knights. This directly affects the attack and defense statistics of whichever knight is wearing the item and so influences combat tremendously.

You increase the level of your armor at the Fusion Master
In order to level up a suit of armor, rather than this being a reflection of the amount the armor has been used, it is instead an indication of how much you have modified that particular item. All armor starts out at level 1 when it has been crafted, even if it is a Legendary suit (extremely rare). To level up, you must enhance the suit of armor by adding other suits of armor to it. By adding armors that share the same element, you can level up quite quickly and really give a boost to some of your knights.



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