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980 Darx Star 27th Oct 2008 86% Read Review
1088 Star_Meteor_Dragon 15th Apr 2009 90% Read Review
1123 Kirby_Programmer 14th Jun 2009 86% Read Review
1286 kirby1337 30th Nov 2010 100% Read Review
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(New) The True Arena Added 19 Jul 2010, ID #14290
The true version of the original game The Arena ! New bosses are here, including the tough Final Four! Can you beat them all to be the true master? and get
(New) Revenge of the King Added 19 Jul 2010, ID #14289
King Dedede demands his revenge! In this new adventure, you must fight your way throughout the levels again (from Spring Breeze), but different this time! Watch out for the great Kabula fortress that is already guarding the king's place!
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