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Cross Stinger27th May 2005, ID #45
It may seem a little late to write a review on this game, considering that over two years have passed since its release, but I think it deserves a look through my eyes anyway, considering that it's ..

Rating: 74%Read Full Review
whiteShark18th Jun 2008, ID #887
Kirby Air Ride is a really good game. It has a point to it like the checklists. What I really like about it is that it has three games; Air ride, Top Ride, and City Trial, which all have checklists...

Rating: 80%Read Full Review

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Nice! Added 9 Aug 2004, ID #2335
This game is really good. There are a lot of mini games and vehicles to choose from. There are an array of weapons too. 8/10
More Standardised Scores (Brutal, Eh?) Added 30 Jun 2004, ID #2121
Control: 6
The game basically utilises the joystick and A button — automatic acceleration, joystick to navigate, A to charge for Boost. I don't recommend it for experienced players.

Environment: 7
Kirby Air Ride incorporates three modes: Air Ride, Top Ride, and City Trial. For the first two, the tracks are set perfectly for stock racing; Top Ride is engineered for experienced racing, since the courses change frequently. On City Trial, your free space is limited to a small city neighborhood, but the game more than makes up for it with the random events that take place.

Tact: 3
The game is not that bad, strictly speaking, but there is actually no evident tact behind it all while the modes are plenty discernible. This isn't, though, supposed to be an RPG, but there is something missing and it annoys me.

Graphics and Sound: 5
Air Ride and Top Ride graphics are simple, but satisfactory, and the general musical score isn't too great. But City Trial — it works poor craftsmanship into the ground. The environment is simple, with sparse details, and some stinky renditions that will only damage the game's reputation.

Enjoyment: 4
The racing is one of a kind, but I think the way the game presents itself is generally lacklustre.
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