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1225 dragonx254 27th Feb 2010 90% Read Review
1365 MasterofPokemon 6th Aug 2011 78% Read Review
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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days Added 11 Feb 2011, ID #15252
Kingdom Hearts fell low in graphics and sound. The best of it is the gameplay and lastability. The kingdom hearts series is a well liked series and most likely lost a lot of fans. So I would give Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days a 7 out of 10. and get
Fun game Added 4 Apr 2010, ID #13435
This Kingdom Hearts was very cool. The video clips are very awesome. Graphics were amazing. The music was good too, even though it was recycled music. The bosses were a challenge. You can pick many different characters and play with up to 4 players in the series first multi-player mode. It only makes sense if you have played the first and second kingdom hearts for the playstation2. In all, I would score it a 8.5 out of 10.
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