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70 Arclite 12th Jun 2005 86% Read Review

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Kz review

Good game... really good actualy. fun with game shark, but play without for a few momths.

Park terminal is fun on multiplayer, dont forget to buy an online adapter to play with ppl all \'round!!! furker is my name, dont TAKE it.




No thumbs

Added 12 Oct 2006, ID #23796, by soul_eater and get

Killzone is a quality game, But there was not much worth waiting for as previous reviews stated it was cracked up to be one of the best games of the year.

But was just your average shoot-up game going round killing everyone.

It also absoloutley stinks on 2 - player mode as the stability and movement of each character is very lame!!

But overall gets a rating of about 5 due to a few falty issues with the game!!


No thumbs

Added 14 Mar 2005, ID #13662, by Northo
Good game

This game is a Halo killer for the Playstation 2 but it does have some glithces. I mean sometimes when you die you might end up on your head and your leg or arm might be twitching. An the pother hand it has good game play and the guns are very similar to the ones in real life.


No thumbs

Added 2 Mar 2005, ID #13317, by badsneak
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