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Ithought that Kesson 2 was the most brilliant game ever made for PS2.

I really liked the way that people like Himiko use magic. and get
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All I can say about this game is WOW!

I purchased this game despite the original being very dissapointing, it was the best decision that I have made in a long time!

The game has a very surreal storyline but is encrossing. The more you play the game, the more you want to play it.

The game is very strategy based. If you make a bad decision, it can all go pear-shaped in the middle of a battle which is not good.

There are many units at the players disposal, ranging from katana troops straight through to elephants! If you decide to send the wrong squad into battle, you will be flattened.

The greatest improvement over the original game is the inclusion of magic. This magic can win a battle if used well. If used badly, well 'nuff said!

There is also alot of special weapons, these include mortars and a fire breathing wooden ox (seriously!). If you decide to make these weapons and use them as a stratgey it can be very worthwhile...or not as the case may be.

The game is very long and will offer the average amatuer player around 20 hours of gaming.

For all the above reasons I give this game:


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