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Time Cheat

The following trick will make things like growing vegetables, building houses and long time actions complete almost instantly. If 2 minutes before midnight (00.00) you make your sim start a task that normally takes 8 hours the action will be completed at 00.00.

Added 23 Feb 2015, ID #6362, by Sanzano and get

Everything from Store Free

At the store select the purple tab that has the trolley on it and while it says 'Connecting to Store' press the Square button to be taken to the 'Home' screen. Wait 10 seconds on the 'Home' screen and then press 'Cancel', when you now return to the store everything will be free.

Added 23 Feb 2015, ID #6361, by Sanzano

Easy Unlimited Money

If you buy the coffin bed for 6 Lifestyle points you can sell it for 2,000 Simoleons, keep repeating this process until you have the amount of money you desire.

Added 23 Feb 2015, ID #6360, by Sanzano

Make your Sims Sick

If you shake your device fo 3-4 seconds your Sims will vomit. If the Sims only show nausea just give your device another 2-3 seconds shake and they will definitely be sick.

Added 15 Jun 2012, ID #974, by Sanzano

Teen idol unlimited simoleons!!!!

So this cheat only works once you have the teen idol mansion unlocked...
Also it works best the less houses/lots you own. For example the price to start this cheat will be lower the less houses you own.
Now what you want to do is buy the teen idol mansion,
(for me it is around 130,000 simoleons but the less houses you own, the cheaper it is, I recomsnd selling most of your houses until you can afford it, and then buying this because it is temporary and you can always rebuild your houses after you become a millionare!!)
Now that you own the mansion, let it finish building, once completed..... SELL THE POOLS!!! After selling all of the pool sets you will gain up to 850,000 SIMOLEONS!!!!!!! Repeat this task and you will be a multimillionaire!!!

Added 3 Apr 2015, ID #6611, by Kmarcelli

Make Your Sim Sick

1. Shake your device for 2-3 second.
If that doesn't work shake your device for a few more seconds. Then your sim will throw up! I hope this worked for you!!


No thumbs

Added 21 Mar 2015, ID #6513, by Jaeann

Get several babies for the price of one

Get an empty crib and click add baby. It will then take a few hours but then once it's there click on the baby and give it a name, gender clothes, all that jazz. Once you're done get out of the game, just leave it and close the app. Then go back into the game and do it again until you've had the amount of babies you want. When you do then on your last baby just push done. You will need to get cribs for each baby so just drag the cribs on top of the baby and it will put them in it.

Added 17 Mar 2015, ID #6503, by Kiwigal

How to distract the robot

Ok so this morning I found out that you have to use the wind-up dog to distract the robot!

Added 8 Feb 2015, ID #6305, by Gamer3062

Sims free play money hack ) Japanese retreat

This cheat is simple, first make sure you have less than 3 house already build because the more house you build the more expensive new houses will cost.

1: build a Japanese retreat (for me I have three houses build so it cause about 25 000 $)

2: When it build finish press it and press view house

3: sell everything including the rooms (by going to the room section and pressing a empty room .

4: after selling all the item and room you will get about 40 000$ and again the lesser house you have the more money you get

Added 22 Oct 2014, ID #5649, by Bll123

Gardening Cheat

This cheat works on any Apple device but from my experience, it worked the best on my iPad.
Here's the steps (I'd advise you read them over once instead of doing them as you read);
1.) gather as many sims as you can into one house (the limit is 10 I think?)
2.) buy the same amount of gardening patches that you have sims in that house
3.)have every sim planting beans at the same time (if you haven't yet unlocked beans, plant the plant you have unlocked that gives the most money
4.)go to settings - general - date&time (don't close out of the sims game completely, just click the home button and go to your settings)
5.) change the date to at least a month forward,
Then turn airplance mode on,
After that, switch the time around (like go from the time you're at now to some random time)
Lastly, turn airplane mode off and quickly double tap the home button, going back to the sims app(this needs to be QUICK. Like not even a second after you turn airplane mode off. Keep one finger on the home button when you turn it off)

6.) when you're back in the sims app, (if you're on an iPad) there should be a box that says "unable to connect-could not connect to server. You must have access to the internet to use this application" let that load. Dont hit retry unless it's been more than 30 seconds. Its okay if you don't see this message, it works sometimes without seeing it. OR you'll get a message saying "connecting to server"
7.) gather your money from the plants. You can repeat this numerous times. It works on every update, even the recent one (the cooking one). You can change the time back once you're done, your money will still be there.

Note: it might not work the first time but it really does work if you keep your patience and keep trying. If the first time it doesnt work for you, it should work the second time. The most I've ever had to do it to get it to work on one try was 3. This cheat DOES work. Add me on the game center and see my town. I got all that stuff and to a high level because of this cheat - katie46174617 enjoy!

Added 11 Aug 2014, ID #4977, by katie46174617

Unlimited simolions

1. Go and make all your sims garden/bake/work at the same time. (for baking and gardening they all have to be at the same house)
2. Click off and then go to settings and change time to 9hrs back about. (Unless it goes into the past day)
3. Go back to game
4. Go to settings and return time back to normal.
5. Click back onto game and wait for it to recconect.
Hope this works for you!

Added 17 Jul 2014, ID #4693, by this_is_mii

Time Cheat (2014 July)

If you want to hurry up your construction then use this cheat -->

1.Open Sims Freeplay
2.Click on a construction site and start building it
3.Still on the game double click on the HOME button and go to Settings
5.Go to General>Date And Time>Change the date to after one month (ex.July change it to august)
6.Turn off FLIGHT MODE
7.Double click the HOME button and click on Sims Freeplay [It will say unable to connect wait for some minutes but don't click on the RETRY button]
8.When your game will open your construction must have been finished
9.Close the Game [Double click the home button>Press Sims Freeplay>Click on the minus sine]
10.Go to setting and change the Date back to Automatic
11..Your work is done Voilà

It worked for me hope it will work for you all just go through the steps............. :-)

Added 6 Jul 2014, ID #4687, by liza_khan

Update Carnival 2014 Money Cheat

Make sure you do these steps exactly:

- Make your sims plant or really anything
- Double tap the home button
- Go to settings
- Turn on " Flight Mode "
- Then, Under " General " Go to " Date and Time " and change the date back exactly one month
- Turn off " Flight Mode "
- Return to game (Make sure it loads completely
- Go back to settings
- Turn back on " Flight Mode "
- Under " general " Go back to " Time and Date "
- Then return it to the original date (Or set auto-matically )
- Turn off " Flight Mode "
- Return to game
- It will say " Unable to Connect "
- Hit " Okay "
- The game should load and almost everything should be done. (Won't work for some things)

Added 4 Jul 2014, ID #4667, by lonepredator74

How to get bulk XP points and jump levels

For this cheat you will have to have the social club built, but since it only takes 15 social points just keep doing neighbors task until you have enough points for this. You need at least 9-10 sims for this. Go to the club and have one person "become" DJ. Then have the rest of your sims dance to the music. The more sims you have the better, you get get XP just for dancing. The happier the sim is about dancing the XP they get. So just keep making them dance to the DJ and your XP bar will jump like crazy.

Added 9 Jun 2014, ID #4460, by Trista_Behr

Sims Freeplay super money cheat

This is a super cool cheat which worked for me, but now I think you have to pay LP's for the items since the recent updates, but if you haven't updated the app for along time, it should still work . First you need to have the children's/preteens store in your town. Keep clicking the toddlers sandpit and swing, and the preteens karate punch set, and the ballet music player. (As free items) buy as many as possible, I bought around 10,000 each. Go back to your home and get one of the items out. Click on sell, and they all sell for $500 and $300, keep doing this and you'll soon have thousands of simoleons hope this still works, because it got me thousands of simoleons in order to buy everything I needed thankyou for reading and I hope it works! Please comment feedback if it does.

Added 29 May 2014, ID #4426, by kaytemay17

Best Cheat Ever! Inspires sims, finishes actions, finishes garde

Step One: Plant your stuff or start actions. Remember that EVERYONE should be doing something in ONE house.
Step Two: Go to settings
Step Three: Change the year to 1970 and the time to 5:00 AM
Step Four: Double click the Home button and delete the Sims Freeplay app from your history.
Step Five: Go back to the Sims app
Step Six: After the game has been fully loaded, go back to settings.
Step Seven: Turn on Airplane Mode
Step Eight: Back to Sims freeplay and then back to settings.
Step Nine: Change the year and time back to the normal ones (or just click Set Automatically)
Step 10: Go back to Sims. It'll say that it can't be connected to the server. DO NOT CLICK RETRY.
Step 11: Go back to settings and turn off airplane mode,
Step 12: Go back to sims freeplay and your actions are done!
This cheat is for the newest update, the Saddle Up! One. I used this cheat on iPad 2. Don't use this cheat for finishing construction. The numbers just go crazy. Have fun!!!

Added 10 May 2014, ID #4220, by Guest

How to get your Sims to have tow babys

By two Crib's and whate and then you will have two babys

Added 18 Apr 2014, ID #4069, by janika

Sims FreePlay New LP cheat

Now this only works if you have the Lifestyle Points Locus Plant. When you first get the plant, it's 99 cent (real money) but I got a cheat for you guys. When you go outside to plant, you will have to go into settings and change the language to any language you want, then go back (make sure you don't push restart game) once you got back tap on the garden patch a couple of times until the locus LP plant pops up, once it pop up, you got your free LP locus plant! Then once you got all your Lifestyle points you need, you can change your language back to English. Hurry up and get all the LP you need before next update. If there is any problems I will come back to check on ya, and help you guys out.

Added 17 Mar 2014, ID #3786, by Guest

The game says. Get married.
But there is only the ring that cost 10lp and the rest is grayed out.
The game says. We give the ring but I don't have the ring.
How do I get that ring???

Added 5 Feb 2014, ID #3318, by Guest

How to make your sims sick

No description. It's simple, but popular.
1. Shake your device for 4-5 seconds. If they don't puke, shake for an extra 2-3 seconds.
2. They puke
3. Clean it up
4. It does not affect their inspiration bars.

No explanation. Again, simple but popular. And gross.

Added 26 Jan 2014, ID #3272, by imunoz903
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