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More Money And XP From Visiting Friends

You should already know that if you visit all your friends in the same session by staying in the friend section without returning to your Springfield, syncronising or logging out, that at a certain point the amount of money you recieve from each building goes up by 1 for each subsequent Springfield you visit. However, if you perform only 1 task in your friends village, return to the friends screen then re-enter the same friends Springfield and perform the next task you will find that the amount of money has still gone up by 1 even though you are technically still performing tasks in the same Springfield. Do this again for the final task and the amount will have gone up by 1 again.
It doesn't sound like much but it pretty soon adds up.
For example: let's say in your first friends Springfield you get $1 for each of the 3 tasks (I know that's not right but it's just easier to explain), that's a total if $3. Using the new technique you would get $1 for the first task. $2 for the second and $3 for the third, making $6 in total from that Springfield. On the second Springfield using the old method you would get $2 for each task. The new technique would get you $15 ($4 + $5 + $6) and so on...
If you had 100 Springfields to visit you would get $15,150 using the original method. Using the new (albeit MUCH longer) technique, you would net $45,145, that's almost $30,000 more! Do this each day for a week and you've got an extra $210,000!
The XP you receive also goes up in the same fashion but in much smaller increments.

Added 11 Jan 2013, ID #1827, by Guest and get

Extra Santa coins

You can go back to your friends house as the Simpson house will regenerate a new coin every few mins.
Add me!

Added 6 Jan 2013, ID #1816, by Angelroseac

100.000 dollars every hour (no jailbreak/hack required)

To get 100.000$ every hour you have to plant corn at Cletus' farm. When the counter hits 89 days and 23 hours, visit as many friends as you can and tap on their cletus' farm in that last hour. If done correctly you can then tap on your farm for an unlimited time getting unlimited dollars.

!!!!!! Add me: valerau !!!!!!

Added 3 Jan 2013, ID #1789, by Guest

Christmas coins get FREE DONUTS

All you grinchy types who refused for some reason to put x-mas decorations up, maybe you can get some Xmas cheer AND gather a few coins over the next several days. If you HAVE already been collecting coins and were worried that theyd just disappear (like the Halloween candy did, ack). Fear not! You can now trade in coins for Christmas stockings and in exchange for 50 coins get either 1 donut, 2 donuts, 3 donuts, or a free reindeer. This will apparently be in
Effect until January 10. I just traded in 2700 coins and now have 100 donuts and 11 reindeer.

Added 2 Jan 2013, ID #1788, by Beyondstealth


Tap on homer 10 times and you will receive 10 donuts. This only works once though.

Added 31 Dec 2012, ID #1780, by Jakey_rico

How to get 10 Free Donuts-(Works 1 Time!) and Jedediah Statue.

1. Open Task Bar-(If Closed) and Tap Homer-(10 Times!)
2. Confirm by tapping "Continue"

Add me as a friend Lvl. 24 BantuAwesome (Only allows lvl. 15- Up or If you have more than ten houses and 5 shops-(With holiday stuff included on houses. NO NOOBS LVL. 1- 14

Added 26 Dec 2012, ID #1766, by BantuAwesome

Add me asad490

I have bart and I have decorated houses which you could earn more Santa coins every 24 hours.I am level 14 and for newkamas if you want 10 free donuts tap on homer and it will show you his chores then tap on him 10times and he will be tickeled and you will get the gebediah statute and right when it comes lock your mypad or mypod or my phone and homer will say I have infinity donuts...

Added 13 Dec 2012, ID #1715, by Guest

Fast Way To Get Santa Coins, XP, Money from Friends

This may be obvious to most but I haven't found anyone who has posted this yet as a work around for the 24 hour friend wait.

1. Get 100 Friends
2. Continue to request friendships so that they start Queuing
3. Remove first friend on list (ie: aexample1)
99 Total Friends
4. Add friend from Queue (ie: bexample2)
100 Total Friends
5. Removed friend (aexample1) should still be visible on Friend screen
6. Enter friend aexample1's town collect Santa Coins and XP, Exit
7. Back at home screen aexample1 is now gone and bexample2 is now present
8. Repeat Steps 3 - 7
3. Remove friend on list (ie: bexample2)
99 Total Friends
4. Add friend from Queue (ie: cexample3)
100 Total Friends
5. Removed friend (bexample2) should still be visible on Friend screen
6. Enter friend bexample2's town collect Santa Coins and XP, Exit
7. Back at home screen bexample2 is now gone and cexample3 is now present
8. Repeat Steps 3 - 7

This will allow you to collect from more than just a 100 friends within 24 hours, as long as you have friends queued up you can keep cycling through different friends (Adding & Deleting) without having to wait for the 24 hour Timer.

Hope this helps.

Added 9 Dec 2012, ID #1684, by SimpsonDude

Bird watching and doughnuts

Homers doughnut cheat works once and once only as for the bird watching and putting into storage then back out does not work at all don't waist your time

Added 28 Nov 2012, ID #1644, by Guest

Grafitti Cheat for extra $ and XP and ++Righteousness

If you do it quickly enough, you can graffiti 4 of your friends buildings instead of 3.

You have to Graffiti the 4th house before the other 3 are finished. Tap quick!

So make sure to put your Graffiti-able buildings close to each other (School, City Hall, Police station, and Moes) so people can do this in your town.

I had no stars for Righteousness and I had a friend do this once, and I got 4.5 stars after cleaning it up that one time, and now my stars are always maxed out.

Plus, you get extra $ and XP for each time you do this to a friends town, every day. That adds up depending on how many friends you have.

Good luck! Add me - Vereniceb - I will come to your town every day and my town is looking really nice and big at level 22.

Added 28 Nov 2012, ID #1643, by Guest

60+ doughnuts extra!

Before you read make sure you have about 10 bucks on your iTunes balance. This SHOULD work as it did for me.

So I had some extra iTunes balance an decided to buy the flaming tires to boost my money and xp earned, I then closed the game and Re-opened it and received an extra 60, it acted Asif I didn't buy the tired yet they were placed in my same spot? So I bought the bumble bee man and restarted my tap out and put the time back 2 hours..... I received 30 credits after this and had my tired and bumble bee guy, I then bought the 30 doughnut kid and tried this again but it did not work. But I got a ton of free doughnuts for less then 8.99!
Step 1: buy 60 doughnuts
Step 2: buy and place flaming tire pit
Step 3: restart tapped out. If didn't work then set time back 2 hours.
Step 3 1/2: purchase 12 doughnuts. - forgot to add this in.
Step 4: buy one of the 60 doughnut characters.
Step 5: step time FORWARD 2 hours..
Step 6: buy whatever you want with extra doughnut as it shouldn't work again.
You're taking a risk trying this as it may not work for you but it did for me.
Flaming tire pit helps a ton anyways
Best of luck everyone!

Added 27 Nov 2012, ID #1640, by Guest

Free Burning Bush Premuim Item!

Near the mountain area. There is a piece of land that has this item. Buy that land and place it anywhere. You can buy it for 20 doughnuts or have it for free

Added 23 Nov 2012, ID #1631, by Guest

Free Donuts from Homer!!

It worked for me and my brother!!! If you tap on homer 10 times continuously you will get free donuts!! I think you get 10 donuts but I'm not sure.. Worth a try though!! :D your welcome guys!

Added 1 Nov 2012, ID #1535, by Guest

The mayan outfit for homer

After the artifact to be puzzled (check if the artifact is placed righht if not rotate it)there will be a characther shown then you need to answer the question...( Answer is the zune ) then homer will have a mayan outfit

Added 25 Oct 2012, ID #1504, by Joycellina

Ten extra donuts

Tap homer to display his tasks then tap him ten times and you'll get donuts

Also add me skooter77 I'm always on

Added 20 Oct 2012, ID #1457, by Guest

The treat guide

Add as many people on origin as you can then you can collect from their graveyards, giving you money and either eggs/toilet paper or a treat. You can also choose to egg and toilet paper their town, this will randomly earn you treats, excellent if you are just a few away from buying something.

Desperate? Spend money, I spent 17 pounds overall and do not regret it, I bought 3 Mausoleum's, The Raven and the boxes. These helped me lots with getting more zombies and treats.



Added 19 Oct 2012, ID #1453, by Guest

ADD Simpsonmike1 for 1 extra town to visit

Add as many friends as you can & visit there towns every day for $ & xp. Tap Halloween building for possibility of treats & eggs & toilet paper. I've found that the max # of friends you can have is 100. But you can delete friends after visiting their towns & add more. I've found that inactive players are best to visit (as long as they have Halloween buildings) cause they are the ones you get best results on. Add SimpsonMike1 if this info helped.

Added 16 Oct 2012, ID #1440, by Simpsonmike1

Artifact trouble

Alot of people have been complianin that when the artifact has been built nothing I because th pieces have been put together wrong, re-arrange the artifact till it is correct! You will know wen it is complete.

Added 10 Oct 2012, ID #1426, by Guest

Homer mypad

The cheat when you tap homer in the pool also works when he is on his mypad. Just make him to the task, click on him while he is doing it and then keep tapping on him. You will receive 10 donuts and a Jebidh Springfield statue. Doing this cheat on the mypad is quicker and easier

Added 9 Oct 2012, ID #1422, by Guest

Tree house of horror answer

When you place all the calendar pieces together a question will appear

A: The Zune

Answering correct will give you 10 donuts + an outfit for homer.
If this helped add steph553 I need more neighbours

Added 6 Oct 2012, ID #1392, by Guest
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