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Real infinite money glitch cheat for The Sims Medieval


Real infinite money glitch

What you have to do is to deposit any quantity of simoleons in the church donations and then you have to tap once the church donations and before it shows the thing where you add what youre going to put in it you cancel the queued action and then you do it again but this time don't deposit any money.(only ios)

Added by: Guest Mar 27th 2013, ID#2114 and get
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Go to the church donate some money then walk away ( go to admire the statue for instance .....the point is to walk away) then click on the charity basin and then cancel Than cancel the action.

Added 2nd Feb 2015, ID #510571

It didint work

Added 16th Jul 2014, ID #419700

I don't know how, but I got my money back and a focus point!

Added 27th Feb 2014, ID #359335

Doesn't work. It deosn't ask you to enter a donation amount until your sim reaches the donation bowl.

Added 11th Feb 2014, ID #354171

Maybe this will help.

1)First,you go to the church
2)Tap on the Donation bowl and donate the amount of simoles you want.
3)Walk far away from the donation bowl.
4)Tap the donation bowl again and donate
5)Before you sim reaches there, cancel the action
6)You will get back the amount of money you donated.
7)Keep doing steps number 2,3 & 4 again.

Added 26th Jan 2014, ID #348403

It just give the smme amount of money donated back

Added 8th Jan 2014, ID #341113

I don't understand?? So many grammatical errors!! People need to go back to school or something!

Added 2nd Jan 2014, ID #338244

Its soo easy.the others disnt explain it correctly.i got confused too but i know now.the 4th guys did the best i think in ill explain it soo easy even a five year old could do it.anyways first go to the church.Clik on the donate bin or money place donate.Donate all money or less(dont worry even if you made a mistake which is impossible you can still go out of the app and delete from multitasking).Then slide up and click on the statue and click admire.after you finished the admiting (it has to be after)then stop fast fowarding cuz u can get more monney from on the donate bin and click donate.while he is walking to the donate bin cancel the action from the can do this a lot of times.from just the start of the story i got half a million in less than 3min.or you can click donate again and again the cancel really fast.After you get around 25,000.Donate the whole money again then do the process.just hold the plus button in the donate section t

Added 6th Nov 2013, ID #318172

I just got my money back I didn't get more I gave it 30 I had 130 then I had 100 and I got 30 more and then I got back to 130 sim dollars

Added 25th Oct 2013, ID #316265

Donate 1000000 and your rich!!!!!!!!

Added 14th Oct 2013, ID #314472

I got 159888 simolions out of this...cheers

Added 27th Aug 2013, ID #307023

I will try to make it easy, go to the church, tap the donation bowl (in the down richt corner off the church hall). Then tap the donate action button. Donate like 5 simdollars, then walk away from the donation bowl and go far away. Then donate again butt cancel the action (tap on the donate action button on the left of the screen) before you reached the bowl again. You wil get you'r simdollars back. Now you can donate ass many times you want to (butt remember to cancel Every donate action before you have reached the donation bowl) hope you understand this ;D

Added 7th Aug 2013, ID #303368

It works!!! Thank you!!!

Added 28th Jul 2013, ID #300835

You go to church and donate money. Then walk away. Now click again on the donation box and donate. Before your sim gets to the donation bin, cancel the action by clicking on the left.

Added 18th Jul 2013, ID #298286

What is you do is donate, then walk to the back of the church, then move the camera to the donation, donate but on the the way to it, cancel then donate, cancel then donate.

Added 18th Jul 2013, ID #298257

Step One. Donate money to the church. (The more the better)

Step Two. Once you're finished, do any action really far from the donation box. (About walking distance)

Step Three. Donate again, as much as you want, then once your sim starts walking to it, CANCEL it all.

Conclusion. Remember the price that you paid on the first donation and the number of times you donated but cancelled it? The price you donated, (ex. 10sim) will be multiplied(probably) to the number of times you donated but CANCELLED it. (ex. 10 times)
10 X 10 = 100sim!!

Added 17th Jul 2013, ID #298051

I'll try to make it easy

1. Go to the church and go to donation bin, then donate any amount.

2. After you have donated any amount, then walk away from the donation bin or just do any activity in the church away from donation bin.

3. When your sims is not close to the donation bin, touch the donation bin and choose donate, touch the donation bin and choose donate as many as you want

4. When your sims is walking to the donation bin, cancel all the donation activity by clicking the icon on the left. You will get money as much as you last donated.

Hope this may help.

Added 16th Jul 2013, ID #297946

I got it to work.. One time. Personally, I find this one I but hard, but it does work.

Added 16th Jul 2013, ID #297821

Ok. I think that the 4th comment really explains it, so maybe look at that? And by the way when u do understand it it WORKS A LOT I GOT SO RICH OFF OF THIS!!! Thanks!!!

Added 15th Jul 2013, ID #297599

Ok go to the donation bowl in the church and donate as much as you want/can. Then walk away. Tap on the donation jowl and tap donate. Cancel the action by tapping the action icon to the left if your screen. It will give you back as much as you donated. Keep doing this as much as you want. But when you are doing this over and over again try not to reach the screen where you donate to the church or you have to start all over, which isn't good if you donated a lot of simoles because that probably took a long time to do. I hope I helped good luck and find more cheats!

Added 14th Jul 2013, ID #297433

Ok... I have not a clue

Added 14th Jul 2013, ID #297386


Added 14th Jul 2013, ID #297319

I can explain it, what he is trying to say is, go to the church and go to the donation thing.once you are there donate, let's say 50 simoles. After you have donated, your sim will walk away, then tap on the donation bin, your sim will walk to it, but don't let it, cancel the action right after you press donate, then you will get your 50 simoles, and just keep tapping donate then canceling as much as you want. Once you are rich, donate 5,000 then do the procedure and you get 5,000 again and again and againand keep donating as much as you want.

Added 14th Jul 2013, ID #297293


Added 12th Jul 2013, ID #297021

I dont understand a Damn thing.

Added 12th Jul 2013, ID #296899

Can someone please explain this?

Added 12th Jul 2013, ID #296884

Wait what?!? I don't frickin understand!

Added 12th Jul 2013, ID #296870

I do not understand it either?

Added 12th Jul 2013, ID #296868

I am really confused on what this means

Added 10th Jul 2013, ID #296411


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