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Alien Goals List hint for The Sims FreePlay


Alien Goals List

If you are an experienced player, this will help you. I apologize for not having noted them all from the get go, but I have listed most of the alien goals so that you can have multiple sims carrying out the actions simultaneously, then you simply select that sim who has completed the action on the list only at the time when the goal has come up for you in your game. This can be tricky, as you have to plan your tasks so that you don't accidentally go into one prematurely. I kept a list of which sim was carrying out each goal task so that I only selected that sim at the proper time.

I have supplied the goals and their approximate completion time starting with the following goal (this is NOT the 1st alien goal, just the 1st one I though to jot down. Once you get to this goal, just continue through the list.):

Browse the Internet - 3min
Announce the end is nigh on the soapbox at the park - 9 hrs
Read a science magazine (from the living room section of the furniture store) - 9 hrs
Catch Warts Cauldron (if you have already ever caught this ghost, your will immediately complete)
Make a hot snack in the microwave - 3m 20sec
Bake croissants - 18 hrs
Negotiate with a sim-eating plant - 45 min
Read a biography - 30 min
Warn Simanity using the soapbox at the park - 1 day
Make herbal tea - 2 min
Watch a movie marathon - 8 hrs
Read the encyclopedia - 3 hrs
Be rude to Osiris - 10 sec
Woo-hoo - 5 min
Bake rocky road - 12 hrs
Be nice to alien - 1 min
Deep sleep - 6 hrs
Catch a brown mukluk (fish at the park)
Grow onions - 7 hrs
Be funny to Osiris - 10 sec
Grow beans - 9 hrs
Bake donuts - 8 hrs
Read fine literature - 12 hrs
Catch Gruesome Gretchen (same as above ghost goal)
Settle in with some fishing at the park - 9 hrs
Play with the RC boat at the park - 30 min
I have not yet completed the next goal in case it makes the alien leave town...
Final goal:
Play electronica on a stereo - 2 min

I started doing this for my 12 yr old son, but thought others could benefit too. I hope this helps.

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How do I pass grow onions for osiris when idk who it was he talked to when he came bac ugh I'm so stuck

Added 20th Jan 2015, ID #504604

How can i make herbal tea?

Added 6th Oct 2014, ID #455444

How to woo hoo in science?

Added 15th Sep 2014, ID #448226

How do you give him the donuts ?!?!

Added 13th Jul 2014, ID #417827

But when I be nice to the alien we became best friends the bar won't move it just stays there and I am. Stuckkkkkkk some one help me please

Added 11th Jul 2014, ID #416255

How do I find the garden patch

Added 24th Jun 2014, ID #405910


Negotiate with plant

Added 5th May 2014, ID #381766

I have completed the quest but I don't know where I can find the weather machine. Please tell me

Added 19th Jan 2014, ID #345510

how do you complete spend $16000 on electronics?! I AM SOOOO STUCK

Added 21st Dec 2013, ID #332278

I'm in level 18. I stuck in 'make herbal tea' i dont have and i see in store, tea maker locked and open at level 44. How can i complete the mission ? Please help me :(

Added 18th Dec 2013, ID #331079

How do I complete the alien concept?? I am so stuck. :(

Added 5th Dec 2013, ID #325620

Yes, Some of the goals are not the same as I had to do. The read biography was read fine lit on mine and I am a bit upset. There is the bonus for completion in 2d23h for the winter clothing but there is no way to do it in that time, I have 8h left on timer and still over 48h of quest to do. Has anyone else run into this?

Added 5th Nov 2013, ID #318071

If the alien quest is over can I still finish ang get ice rink?

Added 8th Jul 2013, ID #296037

How do I make oriois call a friend?

Added 28th Jun 2013, ID #293510

How do I start completing alien goals?

Added 28th Jun 2013, ID #293338

Where do I read an encyclopedia?

Added 20th Jun 2013, ID #291603

Can u post goals for the weather update too??

Added 9th Jun 2013, ID #288946

Spend 16000$ on electronics what!!!

Added 1st Jun 2013, ID #287110

If I do some of the alien goals in advance, will I still be required to them again?

Added 31st May 2013, ID #286782

34) be nice to alien
33) become friends with alien
32) go to park
31) the end is nigh
30) become best friends with alien
29) browse Internet
28) be nice to alien
27) spend $16,000 on electronics
26) read a science magazine
25) catch warts cauldron
24) hot snack
23) bake croissants
22) negotiate with sim-eating plant
21) read biography
20) warn simanity
19) make herbal tea
18) movie marathon
17) read encyclopedia
16) grow beans
15) be rude to alien
14) woo-hoo
13) bake rocky road
12) be nice to alien
11) deep sleep
10) catch brown mukluk
9) grow onions
8) be funny to Osiris
7) grow beans
6) bake donuts
5) read fine literature
4) catch gruesome Gretchen
3) settle-in with fishing
2) play with rc boat
1) play electronica

Added 30th May 2013, ID #286541

Buy $16,000 in electronics

Added 30th May 2013, ID #286515

Thanks for your help! I was worried I wouldn't complete it in time but with this I now can!

Added 30th May 2013, ID #286485

Thank you for posting these goals it helps a lot..

Added 30th May 2013, ID #286412

This is a great idea but it differs from the goals i have been set :(

Added 29th May 2013, ID #286162


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