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How to get lots of money in couple of minutes cheat for Snoopy's Street Fair


How to get lots of money in couple of minutes

This works at iPad 1 and 2, not sure about iPhone.

- Go to settings and switch the time about. Hour forward.

- Go back to your game, pick up all the money.

- Do the same thing as the first step.

- Continue the same, but not too long. MAX. 18 h.

I don't speak good english, and I'm sorry if didn't understand.

BUT, hope it helped.

Added by: Guest Feb 20th 2012, ID#598 and get
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my ipad became corrupt I recommend do it only about 4 times per day

Added 24th Nov 2014, ID #475950

/repost cr: anonymous

1.Switch to airplane mode/flight mode
2.Go forward in time
3.Collect coins
4.Keep going forward. Don't go back unless you want/need to.


1.Go forward in time
2.DONT collect coins
3.Go BACK in time
4.Coins will still be there. Collect and it will be normal.
(( Recommended )) or storage way.

Added 7th Jun 2013, ID #288364

I would only advise doing this before you go to sleep, as you will have to wait that long to collect again as many hours ahead as you set it.

Added 7th May 2013, ID #280798

Just store the items away and bring them back out and as good as new!

Added 21st Jan 2013, ID #245117

I did that cheat and I went up to like the 30 and I had to start over but when I went to go visit other fairs it said u have a game on this iPad that's on level 12 would u like to play that game instead so I got my game back.

Added 21st Jan 2013, ID #245116

Can someone please tell me if my game will become corrupt? Because it tells me that but doesn't do anything.

Added 5th Aug 2012, ID #172563

Which house icon? I cannot correct the problem..and now it takes a long time to collect :-(

Added 20th Jul 2012, ID #166660

If you box all the stuff that takes longer to collect after you jump time and put it back out your time will reset. As
Los if you sell the item and rebut it it will rest so you don't have to wait 196 million hours.

Added 11th Jul 2012, ID #162725

I did this, but going a day ahead each time. That was very stupid of me... Now it takes 169 hours to collect from most stalls! 😭

Added 6th Jul 2012, ID #160979

this works if you only need fcn coins, how do you get $$$ dollaas? any geeks?

Added 22nd Jun 2012, ID #155330

Will it work on iPad 3?

Added 5th Jun 2012, ID #149265

Just buy more flower garden, Then you can keep collect the money. When you want to go back to the real time do not plant yet, otherwise your flower will need to wait more longer.

Added 18th May 2012, ID #143006

Also you can buy I'd say about 30 snack cart thingies and it will pay you back you get like a million coins you never stop

Added 10th May 2012, ID #140927

its very simple, move your time forward (one day etc), visit your fair without collecting any coins. Then set back your time to the real one. Thereafter you may harvest your coins and no worries for the next collecting time since this doesn't affect the real collecting time

Added 17th Apr 2012, ID #134365

is there any way to have more mony?

Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #133383

Changing time often will caused saved data/game to be corrupted

Added 22nd Mar 2012, ID #125328

Thrived this before but makes collecting time longer

Added 15th Mar 2012, ID #123075

I've did this cheat but when I put my time to original time and date and when I go back to game it says my latest saved game data had been corrupted from changing time/date.

Added 5th Mar 2012, ID #120591

Now everything takes longer to get money from

Added 3rd Mar 2012, ID #120160

but you can also do once you've advanced the time, is don't get the coins first once you've returned to the game.but instead, return to the time settings and return also the time to its original time. then after doing that. then it's time for you to get the coins.

Added 3rd Mar 2012, ID #119907

To solve the problem, use the house icon to withdraw the stall, then put it back in place. The timer will reset.

Added 25th Feb 2012, ID #118200

wow it worked also change the date get even more free money,

Added 23rd Feb 2012, ID #117625

Not advisable to do this cheat, yes you'll be able to fast forward the time and collect the money from your stalls quickly, but once you set your clock bck to it's original time. When you get bck to the game and tap any stall, you'll notice that it prolonged the time for your next collection.

Added 23rd Feb 2012, ID #117607


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