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Can you kill off a sim in the free play version - ..

Guest asks: Added Feb 18th 2012, ID #248188

Question for The Sims FreePlay

Can you kill off a sim in the free play version - my current task is to add another sim but I already have the maximum of 16. If I just totally ignore one of them will it remove them from the town and allow me to add one back ?

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Guest answered:
Added 20th Feb 2012, ID #484666
I aso have the same problem. I've never killed a sim but the goals seem recycled, it may be time to move on...
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Guest said: 8th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 18th Jul 2016 | REPORT
When will they die?
Guest said: 22nd Jul 2016 | REPORT
No but you can remove them from settings this may affect children if spouse
Guest said: 14th Sep 2016 | REPORT
They don't die when shaking
blnday answered:
Added 26th Feb 2012, ID #486171
I am also stuck on this goal :(
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Guest said: 28th Apr 2016 | REPORT
This worked, thank you!!
Guest said: 25th Jun 2016 | REPORT
I just want to kill someone for the fun of it. 😈
Guest said: 22nd Jul 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 12th Aug 2016 | REPORT

Guest answered:
Added 29th Mar 2012, ID #493826
Same here! Stuck at add a sim...agh. May need a new game.
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Guest said: 7th Oct 2013 | REPORT
You have to move a sim out of town than you add a so. but you have to make him that task is eassssy
Guest said: 10th Dec 2013 | REPORT
Go in the walldrob and press the red button to delete that sim so then ad another if that was what you asked for.
Guest said: 21st May 2014 | REPORT
You can just level up. I got the same problem but when i leveled up its already the max of 20 sims
Guest said: 7th Jul 2014 | REPORT
I just make a sim ask a sim to move in. Then u tap the sims former house ,which will be green, and tap add a new sim. No need to level up if u do this. ;-)
Guest answered:
Added 8th Apr 2012, ID #496482
U have to level up then you can get another sim , it will ussually tell you what level you need to be to get another sim

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Guest said: 28th Sep 2015 | REPORT
I tried that but they keep peeing
xoxolove13 said: 20th Mar 2016 | REPORT
I tried that and it didn't work
Guest said: 6th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Shake your phone
Guest said: 9th Sep 2016 | REPORT
That just makes them puke it doesnt kill them
Guest answered:
Added 20th Jun 2012, ID #516863
Delete a sim and than make a new one
Because you are making a new sim
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Guest said: 30th Jan 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 28th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Can you kill a sim by not taking care of the Sims for five days straight
Guest said: 1st Aug 2016 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 12th Jul 2012, ID #522350
You could move in with a sim and then the house would be empty and you could use it
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Guest said: 30th Jan 2015 | REPORT
I'm trying to kill it! Xxx
Guest said: 12th Feb 2015 | REPORT
I'm tying to kill it not delete I'm a different person to first one 😋😡
Guest said: 21st Aug 2015 | REPORT
Lock it in a room and it will starve to death and die of boredom
Guest said: 8th Nov 2015 | REPORT
In one sim game you can delete and they come back as ghosts
Guest answered:
Added 19th Jul 2012, ID #524165
First click on the sim you want to discard. Second click on the dress them or whatever button. Next on the dress up screen there should be a red button on the top left corner click it and they will ask are you sure you want to remove this sim from the town permenantly or something like that then click yes and your done.
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xoxolove13 said: 20th Mar 2016 | REPORT
U r not listening. We want to KILL THEM. NOT DELETE THEM
Guest answered:
Added 16th Aug 2012, ID #532704
No you can not kill a sim but you could all ways add a sims to town

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xoxolove13 said: 20th Mar 2016 | REPORT
Well that was better answered
Guest answered:
Added 30th Oct 2012, ID #547762
If you get the halloween app for sims it alows you to burn food on the stove if you leave a sim untreated he or she will soonly die
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Guest said: 9th Apr 2016 | REPORT
No they don't die
tamzen answered:
Added 22nd Dec 2012, ID #558551
U can delete sims but I think for that goal you have to level up so you have more sims. I'm just guessing because I haven't got to that goal.
Guest answered:
Added 17th Jan 2013, ID #565126
Click the wardrobe button for the sim you want to kill and in the upper left corner there is a red button tap that and it will kill them
Guest answered:
Added 23rd Feb 2013, ID #572852

I had the same problem and by accident I found this solution snd it worked
Select your sim at the bottom of the screen theres for circles swlect the one with a person in it
It will go to the whole clothes changing screen again just click the remove button on the top left corne
(it's the same button as when you select the wardrobe but this time it actually works)
Guest answered:
Added 12th Mar 2013, ID #576371
Um I read that you have to put it in a room with no food or doors and it will die like in 3 days I think.
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Guest said: 26th May 2014 | REPORT
If you put your sim in a room without food and other things that he or she needed she will die after 2 months trust me
Night relic answered:
Added 14th Mar 2013, ID #576768
I've had a Sim in house where I removed the door for a week and he didn't die. He peed himself twice. He can pull a mop out of his magic pocket and clean it up.

Since starving him didn't work, I saw I can cook organic cookies on the stove and sometimes they burn. So I bought him a stove. It caught on fire and burned for a few days, but the Sim didn't die. Since I had all those stacks of pizza boxes from Geek Heaven, I put him in front of the stove and surrounded him and the stove with the pizza boxes. They didn't catch on fire either. It's been another week and he's peed himself a couple more times, but he's still alive and not burnt. He gets a little scared of the flame, though.

I conclude you can't kill Sims in Free Play like you can in the paid game. The only way to get rid of them is to delete them, as others have described.
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Guest said: 21st Jun 2015 | REPORT
thats hysterical. i might just try this just to see what my sim does. Smile
Guest answered:
Added 7th Apr 2013, ID #581642
Put a sim in a room with nothing else, just a room with a door, then remove the door and the sim will eventually die
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Guest said: 7th Apr 2013 | REPORT
Guest said: 22nd May 2013 | REPORT
Thanks. I based this game on me and my friends, but I had a fall out with one of them, and we don't know each other any more, so I'm going to kill him.
Guest said: 25th May 2013 | REPORT
Guest said: 3rd Mar 2014 | REPORT
I didn't play for 3 years. When I got back, everyone peed themselves, otherwise fine.
Guest answered:
Added 21st Apr 2013, ID #583918
I don't know if that works but you can remove the sim from town by going on the changeing clothes of the sim you want to delete and then click on the red icon in the top left corner with a cross through a person, then click 'yes' to remove the sim
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Guest said: 12th Feb 2015 | REPORT
on my sims, i dont have the delete button or any thing, SOOooooooo, yeah, either i have to wait till level 23 or try and kill my sim sooner(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
RMChammer answered:
Added 6th May 2013, ID #586411
First click on the person icon- the one you can use to change your hair and clothes- and there will be a red button on the upper left corner with an "x" through it. It will make your sim "leave town" so click "yes" or "ok". Once you make the sim leave town, there will be no evidence the sim was even there! Then you can add a whole new sim to your town with a whole new personality and clothes.
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Guest said: 3rd Mar 2014 | REPORT
What if say, the sim had a child and he "left town". Would that mean that his child would disappear, too?
Guest said: 8th Apr 2014 | REPORT
No, the child would stay, but only if one of the parents left. In the 2014 March update, babies will stay even if their parents either left the house, pulled out of town, and other various reasons.
Guest said: 12th Feb 2015 | REPORT
my sims dont have the custom personality thing like they used to, is that a glitch or something😵😞🌋🌌🌅🌆🌇🌉🌃🌈
Guest answered:
Added 11th Jun 2013, ID #591846
Go into the option the makes you change your clothes and hair and in the corner theres a red icon click that and it will say 'delet sim from town and select yes'
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Jul 2013, ID #595166
Putting sims in a doorless room does not work. I tried it and my sim has been in there for a week and still isn't dead. I might just have to delete it using the red button in life mode
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Jul 2013, ID #595205
You have to move one sim in with another and then click on the empty house and click new sim
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Guest said: 24th Jul 2016 | REPORT
But if you've reached max Sims in a town it won't work
Guest answered:
Added 6th Jul 2013, ID #595497
Go to your wardrobe then browse clothes, then in the top left corner there will be a red button, press it to delete your sim
Guest answered:
Added 25th Jul 2013, ID #598165
Actually their is a way folks from talking to people we basically experiment on this game...If you are able to get a pool get one because you can put a sim in the pool then if you take the ladder out of the pool the sim eventually drowns. For the idiots drowns means dies
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Guest said: 25th Nov 2013 | REPORT
Hey im doing that to a sim it did nothing so far
She has been in there for 2 days
Guest answered:
Added 23rd Aug 2013, ID #601669
You have to go on the closet and there's a button in the corner with an X over a stick figure. Press it and the sim is deleted. You cannot kill a sim on sims freeplay.

Guest answered:
Added 5th Sep 2013, ID #602705
U can delet a sim but there is one way you can kill them by drowning them in the pool remember to remove the ladder or the sim might climb out hope it works plus swimming pools are expensive it's better to delet a sim.
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Guest said: 8th Mar 2016 | REPORT
You can't...
My sim has been there for a month and he still good
Guest answered:
Added 12th Dec 2013, ID #610326
To remove a sim, click on the wardrobe as the sim and browse clothes. In the top-left corner there is a red button with a sim crossed out on it, the sim will 'Move out of town' and will vanish, that's the only way to 'kill' them instantly on the App. Of course, if you have the computer version, just starve or set them on fire! ;)
Guest answered:
Added 15th Dec 2013, ID #610731
You cannot kill a sim but you can delete them by go into editing in the top right corner there is a cross on a sim click it and you will delete the sim you are currently on
Guest answered:
Added 1st Jan 2014, ID #612756
U get a closet then pick browse clothes then on the left there is a red button And it says do you want to remove this sim from town and pick yes and you have removed it from town if you're wondering if this is another sims this is on sims freeplay

Guest answered:
Added 8th Jan 2014, ID #613756
To kill a sim levea it in a room with nothing in it and make there are no doors or windows.
Guest answered:
Added 13th Feb 2014, ID #617079
What you have to do is go to the closet/dresser and click to change their clothing. In the left hand corner, there should be a red button. Click on that. Then a message should pop up asking if you would like to remove this sim from your town. Click accept or yes and that sim will be gone. You may also do that with infants or todlers as we'll. Now, you can add a new sim to town and you will past your goal!! I really hope this helped😊
Guest answered:
Added 7th Dec 2014, ID #648775
Well I never killed an sim but,if you go to the dresser so closet at the top right corner a person with an x over it if you click or tap on it it will erase that one sim your on.Hope it helps

Guest answered:
Added 11th Apr 2015, ID #660125
Make a sim cook and then leave him/her there for 3days or maybe even more cooking something that is likely to burn, and then when you go back in the app, it will say 'I am so sorry but "name of sim" has passed away, and his/her family are filled with grief at this sad occasion. We hope that he/she is in a better place now'. I found out because I accidentally killed my sim's husband by doing this, and ended up creating a new sim afterwards to replace him.
Guest answered:
Added 7th May 2015, ID #661856
I also tried to get rid of a sim. I locked them in a room with nothing but wardrobes( don't ask) and the sim is still alive. I think it's because the sim just wets it's self and vomits. The only real way to get rid of them is to ban them

Guest answered:
Added 24th Jun 2015, ID #665233
His correct you need to remove a sim from the town.I know it bad but you need to do it.maybe in the future EA inc. Will make an update for new deaths just comment we want new deaths in the Appstore and Play store
Guest answered:
Added 19th Jul 2015, ID #666875
If one of your sims has a fishing hobby, get them to fish. Sometimes they catch a large fish and the game says the fish eats sims when hungry. The sim will get eaten, ignore the sim and the fish, because if you tap the fish while it is flipping out of water, your sim escapes. I'm not sure this kills them, you should leave them to starve instead of hoping they just die. I saved my sim so I don't know if it kills them or not.

Another one is plant tomatoes. Most of the time they turn into Sim Eating Plants, and on rare occasions they are tomatoes which give you heaps of Simoleons. You can negotiate with the plant, or maybe you could just let it stay. (I haven't tried letting it stay, so it may not work)
Guest answered:
Added 4th May 2016, ID #679180
Prrss your sim, then press the red button, then press remove sim from town, boom the sim is dead.
Guest answered:
Added 17th Jun 2016, ID #680601
You can't kill a sim on the sims freeplay, but if you have a have a sim you don't want, then click on the SIM (make sure the plumbob is above the head) and press the 'x' button.

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