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Getting diamond, iron, gold, etc. cheat for Minecraft: Pocket Edition


Getting diamond, iron, gold, etc.

There is a really really really really really really really really really good seed for this. Seed: nemo There is NO capitals in this seed (PLEASE REMEMBER THAT!!!) . Now what you need to do is , choose a nice flat spot and start digging until you can't anymore. (Remember to bring equipment like plenty of pick axes and torches etc). If you see any things on the side them of course you can stop and get them. So when you get to when you can't dig anymore, build a room about 8x8 and you should find lots of gold, diamond, iron, and much more. Hope this helps guys!! Leave a comment! Thanks!! remember this is for version 4.0.4v. So if there is another update, it might not work, but still give it a try

Added by: Tara137 Oct 18th 2012, ID#1447 and get
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The nether portal does work????

Added 22nd Nov 2014, ID #474720

This cheat is rubbish it doesn't Evan work

Added 16th Nov 2014, ID #472353

It doesn't work :(

Added 20th Oct 2014, ID #460971

that is awesome thanks i didn't find diamonds but redstone

Added 10th Oct 2014, ID #456947

the neather portal does indeed work guys if you dont know how use you tube to find out you need 8 gold blocks 10 coble stones and 1 neather reacter

Added 19th Sep 2014, ID #449368


Added 27th Aug 2014, ID #441474

Try the seed jmcjmc in small. 10 diamonds 5 iron below the spawn point. Works 100%

Added 20th Aug 2014, ID #438442

it wont work

Added 11th Aug 2014, ID #434844

I used a instructables cheat but it only makes your stuff disappear

Added 2nd Aug 2014, ID #429647

Try seed 52 its amazing

Added 20th Jul 2014, ID #422137

Try this seed seed: diamond123 (no capitals) it has a lot of dessert to mine in for survival it's great I've been doing this seed every time I make a new world

Added 15th Jul 2014, ID #418953

Are there any other seeds with lots of diamond and minerals,like minerals across the world? Or is that just in random seeds?

Added 12th Jul 2014, ID #416778

you just use the seed nyan just create a new world baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 8th Jul 2014, ID #414554

I died so how does this even work:/

Added 6th Jul 2014, ID #413088

try in seed its a pig there floating island get try its better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 2nd Jul 2014, ID #410463

try seed 1.4.9, it really works!i try it and i found lotsa gold,iron,coal,redstone,lapiz lazuli,diamonds and others

Added 29th Jun 2014, ID #408516

Hey guys, I was wondering how to make a nether portal without gold or obsidian, if anyone knows... Also I want to make a nether portal but I don't want to make another world because I already have so much done in this world, so... Also, does anyone know how to find lava? By the way, I'm on survival.

Added 24th Jun 2014, ID #405975

What about a surface dimond seed in POCKET EDITION?:/

Added 18th Jun 2014, ID #401784

TO ALL THE PEOPLE WONDERING IF THE NETHER REACTOR WORKS: it does I was confused myself so I made one an tried it, WORKS GREAT c:

Added 11th Jun 2014, ID #397743

does the nether reactor work? i havent tried it but i want to so can u tell me please?

Added 8th Jun 2014, ID #395883

Cool like it

Added 8th Jun 2014, ID #395881

I find lots of ore

Added 3rd Jun 2014, ID #393507

Is this on survival or creative???????????

Added 30th May 2014, ID #391382

Does it have to be creative or survival?

Added 29th May 2014, ID #390644

[img][/img] Try the seed ONE DIRECTION (all in capitals remmember). It has a lot of water and ice and snow and a lot of hills Lava and mountains

Added 28th May 2014, ID #389861

Try the seed ONE DIRECTION (all in capitals remmember). It has a lot of water and ice and snow and a lot of hills Lava and mountains

Added 28th May 2014, ID #389858

Me want gold seed x-0[size=12][/size]

Added 26th May 2014, ID #389074

My noob friend brandone is gonna try it haha

Added 23rd May 2014, ID #387278

Try minerals

Added 23rd May 2014, ID #387122

raygun has iron diamond gold and redstone

Added 13th May 2014, ID #383810

Can you please tell me how to get a lot of gold seed or anything else

Added 3rd May 2014, ID #381120

Does this have to be on survival or creative?

Added 23rd Mar 2014, ID #367308

Ok so this does give you some extra blocks. Although very little coal to make torches but once you find red stone don't mine all of it. Touch a block Un mined and it lights up some. I wasn't very impressed with the amount of metals. Found 3 diamond and 5 gold and about 10 or 11 iron in a 40x45x10 room. Found nothing on the way down to bedrock. started mining 2 above bedrock. The BAD side. The mob of monsters that will end up coming down your mine regardless of if you block the entry. build a cobble stone wall in your staircase so they can't get into your room. Just above where you intend to mine. I had about 40 or 50 coming down my stairs and I finally died fighting my way back up. you'll have to dig new stairs to get back to the surface so I suggest bringing alot of planks down with you before you dig to bedrock, you're going to be down there a while. You'll need torches

Added 20th Feb 2014, ID #357097

Guys try this seed,lorax

Added 1st Feb 2014, ID #350463

Hi, i was wondering if the nemo code has to be for Survival or Creative.

Added 29th Jan 2014, ID #349711

Thanks but I know a seemed for 16 diamonds and a diamond block cheat

Added 21st Jan 2014, ID #346603

how do you fand more gold

Added 18th Jan 2014, ID #345272

seed:outcrop(no caps) ive found over 2 stacks of diamonds and 5 stacks of iron in this seed also a good flat seed for a big house, go try it out

Added 16th Jan 2014, ID #344567

Hello when u go mining just dig down then u should be 10 blocks above bedrock then just mine around this works for any seed...

Added 7th Jan 2014, ID #340615

Where do i mine

Added 5th Jan 2014, ID #339935

Tell me a code I. Found 5 diamond I want a code has more diamond like diamond island or diamond world

Added 3rd Jan 2014, ID #338619

Iron pix axes work for harvisting any ore

Added 25th Dec 2013, ID #334033

its really good

Added 24th Dec 2013, ID #333502

There was a update that let's you mine redstone

Bafenu of mc
Added 13th Dec 2013, ID #328842


Bafenu of mc
Added 23rd Nov 2013, ID #321440

What is the best seed for lots of diamonds and gold

Added 23rd Nov 2013, ID #321429

the seed spinny has 50+ iron on the surface

Added 18th Nov 2013, ID #320260

guys if you want a floating island and a lot 'o' diamonds try the seed:theseedpeed its epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

Added 11th Oct 2013, ID #313924

hi guys want a good seed well try 0.4.0 if u dig under spawn u find some coal gold and iron then u should see that around you there are holes all around and if u dig in them u will find diamond gold iron coal... If u walk forward after u finished mining at spawn you see some trees and there is another hole dig down there deep and u will find gold but when u find it if u dig to the left u will find more and I think there some iron down there to.
also there is clay at the water when u get the clay go left and you should find some more in a wall if u dig some of the wall, in the ground u will find iron.
hope u enjoy bye

Added 7th Oct 2013, ID #313288

If you are on creative new update says u can spawn animals
Feeling lonely then build a tower about 30 high than at top make a 9 square platform the tower you came up in cannot be center continue building it down for 3 blocks then mine every middle block at the bottom place a trapdoor then keep it closed spawn a hundred chickens inside exactly a hundred then open the door and the chickens will come out in one big ball-like thing when it gets to about 15 blocks down they explode and it scatters chickens everywhere )

Added 6th Oct 2013, ID #312897

I found 200 diamonds with the cheat!!!!!

Added 26th Sep 2013, ID #311307

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