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Destinia Cheats for iPhone/iPad

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Destinia Cheats for iPhone/iPad

We have 2 cheats on iPhone/iPad
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Infinite Mediocre Potion GlitchAdded 11 May 2012, ID #800
When you have the required dusts to make them go to the 'Crafting' menu and select 'Mediocre HP' or 'MP Potion' (works for both) and it will show the crafting action as it does whenever you craft something. You will now notice that your supplies don't deplete which allows you to create an infinite supply.

Unlockable TitlesAdded 20 Nov 2011, ID #382
Below is a list of the titles you can unlock in the game, followed by the stats increase they give you, and instructions on how to get them:

Amateur Hunter: AGI+1 INT+1 - Kill at least 50 monsters
Amateur Specialist: CRI+2 EVA+2 - Complete 10 subquests
Aspiring Warrior: Str+3 Agl+3 - Reach Level 10
Beggar: AGI+1 VIT+1 - Get at least 100 gold from hunting
Billionaire: AGI+11 VIT+11 - Get at least 5000 gold from hunting
Blacksmith: HIT+2 EVA+2 - Craft at least 10 times
Butcher: AGI+7 INT+7 - Kill at least 500 monsters
Commoner: AGI+3 VIT+3 - Get at least 200 gold from hunting
Errand Runner: CRI+1 EVA+1 - Complete 5 subquests
Expert Blacksmith: HIT+3 EVA+3 - Craft at least 20 times
Expert Killer: AGI+9 INT+9 - Kill at least 1000 monsters
Expert Specialist: CRI+3 EVA+3 - Complete 20 subquests
God of Money: AGI+15 VIT+15 - Get at least 10000 gold from hunting
God of Quests: CRI+8 EVA+8 - Complete 60 subquests
Hercules: Str+9 Agl+9 - Reach Level 60
Hero: Str+5 Agl+5 - Reach Level 20
Legendary Warrior: Str+15 Agl+15 - Reach Level 99
Master Specialist: CRI+5 EVA+5 - Complete 40 subquests
Middle Class: AGI+5 VIT+5 - Get at least 500 gold from hunting
Millionaire: AGI+9 VIT+9 - Get at least 2000 gold from hunting
Newbie Blacksmith: HIT+1 EVA+1 - Craft at least 5 times
Novice: Str+1 Agl+1 - Reach Level 5
Reputed Warrior: Str+7 Agl+7 - Reach Level 40
Rich: AGI+7 VIT+7 - Get at least 1000 gold from hunting
Slater: AGI+5 INT+5 - Kill at least 200 monsters
Super Hero: Str+11 Agl+11 - Reach Level 80
Supreme Specialist: CRI+6 EVA+6 - Complete 50 subquests
Ultimate Slayer: AGI+11 INT+11 - Kill at least 2000 monsters
Veteran Hunter: AGI+3 INT+3 - Kill at least 100 monsters
Veteran Specialist: CRI+4 EVA+4 - Complete 30 subquests
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