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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Attack Strategy (Silver I and Below) cheat for Clash of Clans

Attack Strategy (Silver I and Below)

The most effective way I've found to attack a base is simple.
Release some giants so that the defenses are entertained by these cannon-proof though guys. Now deploy some wallbreakers alongside these huge guys so that they make a gap for the giants immediately. Now, release some archers and some wizards along the perimeter of the base and watch yourself getting a victory.

Hope this helped some people who are barely starting the game and are having trouble winning some PvP battles.
Add me on the game center/Google+ if you want to clash with me.
Edited: May 2 2014

Added by: Modder_Dude0_0
Apr 3rd 2014, ID#3994


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Aug 27th 2016 Ryancollins
U don't even know my coc name so how you supposed to give me gems
ID #678078
Nov 11th 2015 Guest
Cara nya gimana?
ID #624206
Jul 18th 2015 Guest
I'm silver1, I can be even at gold3 or up.. and i only use barchers for looting.. I only use barchloons during war,to get 3stars, while I use healer+giants for my second attack for xtra loots and stars
.. and why use goblins, lol.. use barbs instead.. I'm in th6..
ID #585964
Mar 12th 2015 Guest
Added 14th
ID #527618
Mar 11th 2015 Guest
Town hall lvl 7
ID #527420
Mar 10th 2015 Guest
3lv 3 lightnimg spell does not destroy a maxed air def
ID #526785
Mar 7th 2015 Guest
I need maxed exlir and coins PLZ
ID #525347
Mar 4th 2015 Guest
Can you give my 20,00 dark elixer plzz. I neef Some help
ID #523985
Apr 1st 2015 Guest
Can you give my 20,000 dark elixser plzz.I neef some help
ID #536108
Feb 13th 2015 Guest
Find a base surrounded by a box of walls and deploy 20 giants and a few archers. For th4 and 5
ID #515374
Feb 4th 2015 Guest
what's perimeter of base is ?
ID #511754
Jan 28th 2015 Guest
I want the Archer queen and dark elixir drill
ID #508353
Jun 12th 2015 Guest
Sorry mate, you'll have to wait until Town Hall 7 for the drill + a lot of elixir and for the Archer Queen. That'll cost 40000 dark elixir. By the way this might help: A maxxed out Barbarian King has more hit points than a maxxed out Archer Queen! Although I am not sure about the damage per second??? Help me out on that one!?!?!?
ID #569080
Jan 17th 2015 Guest
Hello I need maxed elixir
ID #503105
Jan 17th 2015 Guest
Level 7 town hall
ID #503100
Jan 15th 2015 Guest
Cool. Guys:-)
ID #502008
Jan 6th 2015 Guest
I just used a lot of lava hounds to win
ID #497305
Jan 1st 2015 Guest
hey use 40 lvl 6 gaints and then other all goblins max lvl gaints dont have speed but goblins have speed so it matches and you get lts of gold elixir and dark elixir i got a 9,87,799 gold 8,96,951 elixir and 12,690 dark elixir cause i raided on a champion3
ID #493997
Dec 11th 2014 Guest
Just use 2 golem,1pekka,24wiz,1archer,9wallbreaker it would be fantastic and make sure you put 1 pekka on cc it will be easy to raid people.. make sure your dark barracks is lv4 so u can use golem very simple troops but need to spend alot of de and elixirs
You can also use barbs, archers, and goblins and make sure it 50% so you will get the victory!😂😂😂 sorryfor the new one cannot use golem 😂😂
ID #483210
Dec 9th 2014 Guest
Lol I use 36 balloons lvl 3 and 2 healing potions. Take out wizard towers first along with air defenses and I've won practically every game
ID #482717
Apr 16th 2015 Guest
ID #543669
Dec 4th 2014 Guest
can yoou guys give me wizard max level
ID #480368
Nov 29th 2014 Guest
I have just started I need a lot of help so bad at this and if some one helps me I will really appreciate it plz x
ID #478089
Nov 29th 2014 Guest
ID #477990
Nov 24th 2014 Guest
Please saya butuh exilir 999999999999999
ID #475980
Nov 21st 2014 Guest
Saya butuh dark eliksir 10.000 & eliksir 2.500.1000
ID #474323
Nov 19th 2014 Guest
Plz add you being able to restart your game but u have the same name
ID #473536
Nov 6th 2014 Guest
I Search à cheat me name in clash of clans is Super Ali Power. Thx send to me full [b][/b]
ID #467886
Nov 1st 2014 Guest
Actually there is a better way if you can make 155 troops you put your 8 giants down 21 barbs down 20 archers 20 gobs 1 healer not near air defense or anything to hurt healers 10 wiz and you'll win most likely.
ID #465831
Oct 12th 2014 7lonnie
make it so that on monday and sunday eveyone get a gem box with 2,300 gem pls supercell
ID #457805
Oct 6th 2014 Guest
ID #455423
Sep 12th 2014 Guest
DONT forget MORARS AND WIZARD TOWERS I found that splash damage eat archers for breakfast lunch afternoon tea and dinner so this strategy could be crushal
ID #446802
Sep 5th 2014 Guest
Can I cheat by getting elixir and gold
ID #444843
Sep 5th 2014 Guest
i need a cheat for the casel
ID #444654
Sep 2nd 2014 aryaqqq
I need unlimited all for my clans of clans game
ID #443743
Sep 1st 2014 Guest
Well I'm gonna try it hopefully it works
ID #443546
Aug 25th 2014 Guest
This hack does not work only leads u astray to do stupid surveys
ID #440827
Aug 24th 2014 Guest
already new that[spoiler][/spoiler]
ID #440140
Aug 11th 2014 Guest
ID #434781
Aug 6th 2014 Guest
I need free gems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #432012
Aug 1st 2014 Guest
How to get gems pls.
ID #428855
Jul 30th 2014 Guest
Get me 9999999999999999 gems
ID #428183
Jul 21st 2014 Guest
that works when ur noob, but in later you need think about where you deploy ur troops tonnes more otherwise they just get taken out so fast. Also u start using troops like hogs and drags later
ID #422960
Jul 18th 2014 Guest
Im lvl 65 now and that strategy works when collectors are full, giants archers barbs and goblins best army. time your wall breakers mortars take them out quick. rage spell lvl 3 and higher worth it if you want giants in quick. wizards are a waste unless lvl 5 and only if raid pays for them if not keep it easy with giants and barbs as meatsheilds and archers behind once your taken out 1 mortar or wiz tower. look for storages close to wall. always keep 20 goblins for the last seconds when you've cleared 1 side and drop all, theyre more effective in hordes.

extra hint:1 lvl 4 wall breaker in a lvl 3 rage spell can break purple walls
ID #420633
Jul 17th 2014 Guest
Old newz
ID #420280
Jul 16th 2014 Guest
It works but you have to be good at games otherwise 😵😵
ID #419443
Jul 13th 2014 Guest
ID #417602
Jul 5th 2014 Guest
If people are barely starting they won't have wizards
ID #412596
Jul 2nd 2014 Guest
ID #410631
Jul 2nd 2014 Guest
Hi I'm bo i need 2000000 gems and i need I now
ID #410580
Jul 1st 2014 Guest
sooo vague
ID #410167
Jul 1st 2014 Guest
I'm in gold 1 and I approve of that strategy for you newbies
ID #410025
Jun 30th 2014 Guest
I used lvl 4 giants, archers ,wizards and i used three lvl 1 pekkas and three rage spells.and yes im silver 1
ID #409639
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