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Defensive Building Strategy hint for Clash of Clans


Defensive Building Strategy

A good strategy when building your village is to build ALL your structures close together. Doing this gives you an edge in defending your village because if it is compact your turrets will be able to defend more buildings at once.

Added by: Sanzano Aug 21st 2012, ID#1203 and get
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Clash of Clans Best Defensive Strategies TH Level 3

very good defense base design

take a look on youtube. channel fun place

Added 21st May 2015, ID #558983

Clash of Clans Best Defensive Strategies TH Level 4


Added 21st May 2015, ID #558982

Clash of Clans Best Defensive Strategies TH Level 4

fun place youtube

Added 21st May 2015, ID #558981

But building them further apart gives your defences more time to attack as the troops walk to their next target.

Added 19th Apr 2015, ID #544854

Can i build my fort off the rocky coast because im thinking there would only be three sides to defend as soldiers cant walk onto the beach well ithink which is what i want to know

Added 1st Apr 2015, ID #536132

Upgrade the cheapest defences first than the expensive ones.

Added 21st Mar 2015, ID #531391

how do you utilize this clash of clans tool once you download it to your device

Added 29th Sep 2014, ID #453102

I think setting up def. buildings so they cover each other works.

Added 27th Sep 2014, ID #452289


Added 10th Jul 2014, ID #415803

for me, i prefer to place the outer buildings at least 2 blocks away from the outer wall. The defense structures may not be able to target any attack unit at a distance away, but at least the deployment area will be a far enough to allow the defense structures to target any giants slowly walking toward it.

Added 21st Jun 2014, ID #403823

I decided since my TH is lvl 2 and I have 2 elixxir and 2 gold mines and they are outside with my archer tower being in the wall that protects my TH with my 2 cannons without walls but they do have barracks and stuff around them also. I bought all the main buildings and has upgraded the barracks to lvl 2 I plan on upgrading as much as i can till i am forced to be lvl 3. Please tell me if my setout is good and of course the archers range protects my cannons so yea. I hope none raids me for quite a while

Added 24th Mar 2014, ID #367955

i have a level 4 town hall and everything i can get can you guys help me

Added 24th Jan 2014, ID #347678

i have a level 5 archer tower in the middle with a mortar and the town hall. Then i have the 3 defences covering 2 storages and there are two of them on both sides. With a wizard tower. BY THE WAY. JOIN "Dark Days" with the flag of a cross with black colour for the cross and white for the outside of the flag. PLZ PLZ PLZ. I am Jyn level 25.

Added 18th Nov 2013, ID #320224

so what i do is have my town hall and storage's in the middle then put individual wall blocks around each and i guess that i learned the hard way that u need to upgrade your defense before your townhall

Added 10th Nov 2013, ID #318893

in a battle attack the air defences with ground troops and ground defences with air troops when all defeces are destroyed bring out the goblins to get the loot very helpful

Added 6th Jul 2013, ID #295377

i have a level 6 town hall and i put my town hall, mortar, and air defense in the middle. the air defense is inpordent because later on you will be attacked by dragons healers ect.

Added 30th Jun 2013, ID #293857

it is important to upgrage defences before TH because when your TH is higher level better people attack you look at my base clan-team ruslan i am TH level six and level 50 and higher attack me i am darth444

Added 28th Jun 2013, ID #293371

I have my town hall seemingly wide open, but I have the outside heavily riddled with bombs and traps. Many people send out lots of troops at once, so works pretty well.

Added 16th Jun 2013, ID #290686

this advice is good

Added 11th Jun 2013, ID #289532

I'm only a level 14so building is limited.

I have level 2 walls around my town hall, gold & elixer storage, cannons, mortar, and archer tower.

Everything else is surrounding my walls. An attack will have to take my barracks, ect, out before getting to my interior weapons and TH. Weak spots get bombs.

Added 14th May 2013, ID #282612

If ur town hall is surrounded by walls.u must not feel that ur safe it's weakness is archers that attack building that is surrounded by walls.ur all storage must inside that is protected by defenses surrounded.if not u can raid by goblins easily.but there is also a weakness of archer and goblin is the mortar.mortar is strong against goblin or wallbreaker.mortar is modrate against archer,barbarian or wizards.normal weak against ballon,giants,pekka,dragon or healer.

Added 14th May 2013, ID #282538

Be smart about how and when you upgrade defensive weapons. I learned this the hard way: since towers took the same amount of time to upgrade, I decided to upgrade both at the same time. I came back to find that I had almost been completely was my worst defeat ever. That's when I realized I had basically taken two of my five defense tools offline at once (leaving only one mortar and two canons for protection). I'll never do that again!

Added 12th May 2013, ID #282260

As of right now, I have all my defenses in a 9x9 square with all my precious gold/elixir collectors and storages built around my defenses. That way my defenses aren't as succeptible and they last longer. Sometimes I may lose quite a bit of gold/elixir, but the battle usually won't last long as none of my weapons are ever compromised. Good strategy for winning against attacks.

Added 9th May 2013, ID #281388

I learned tht never form a box formation cillage cuz once one wall breaks thts it ur dead

Added 28th Apr 2013, ID #278357

Try this guys.....trying putting your gold storage and elixir storage at the middle and surround it with your defense. Never put your gold mine and elixir inside your wall defense because they can break in your walls and destroy everything that you have. Try putting gold mine and elixir collectors outside your wall. they will steal your gold and elixir eventually but a minimum amount. If you do put those out side then your defence have a better chance of destroying your enemy while they are trying to destroy your territory. Make sure you surround your territory where the enemy can only attack that one thing and cannot pass through to attack the other thing plus put your archer tower behind your walls but near the gold because thats what most people go for. Put your cannons near your elixir collector because most people attak that last. cannons are easliy destroyed by your enemy's archer. If yall guys wanna see what i mean visit my territory. swag_pryde ghetto name but yea

Added 22nd Apr 2013, ID #276594

I was living large until I researched Town Hall 9. Now, the amount of loot I'm eligible to receive during an attack is very low (unless I'm battling someone else with a level 9 Town Hall). Keep this in mind before upgrading your Town Hall.

Added 21st Apr 2013, ID #276438

it is always best to upgrade everything else before u upgrade ur town hall and keep all gold n elixir storages n town hall n mortars in the middle and all ur defenses around them
download clash tactics it helps for building ur village

Added 20th Apr 2013, ID #276002

why does everyone forget traps? i leave one turret open walled(2-3 wall spots open but still protected by mortar archer tower and other cannon) and spring traps take care of all giants because they go for first attackable cannon. Took out 5 giants with 2 traps today

Added 6th Apr 2013, ID #271047

In order to gain trophies as I improve my defense I attack about five villages before getting of the app and since my defense is horrible my village usually gets destroyed by the first person to attack me so I only lose about 20 trophies for the 100 trophies I receive. I then have a 16 hour shield to try and lvl up my defensive structures.

Added 3rd Apr 2013, ID #269977


Added 31st Mar 2013, ID #269012

Great game. Keep the game on and nobody will be able to attack you. Upgrade camps and baracks so can get more troops and surround townhall with walls.
Clean treas and stones you will get exrea gems.

Added 25th Mar 2013, ID #267092

try to upgrade everything before you level up your town hall. this will help you a ton.

Added 21st Mar 2013, ID #265846

whatthe beep
the wizard tower is very good

Added 19th Mar 2013, ID #265274

You put every defensive tower close to resources. Don't mind of army camps, barracks, spell factory and decorations because it doesn't affect your resources. I prefer to upgrade defensive towers first than upgrading resources. To get more trophies, this is the only way to make your village indestructible.

Added 9th Mar 2013, ID #262144

Figured out a strategy for attacking villages with castle reinforcements. I like to lure the troops away from the village with goblins, then when the troops are all together and at a safe distance from the villages defenses, I unleash the lightning spell on them all. Then I unleash the rest of my troops upon the village. This strategy doesn't have a 100% success rate, but it does give you an edge in battle.

Added 7th Mar 2013, ID #261372

Put ur mortar in middle
Surround with storages and surround dat with walls

Added 6th Mar 2013, ID #261268

keep your gold mines less as possible because the more gold mines you have the more bigger levels are eager to attack you

Added 18th Feb 2013, ID #255958

Put mortar xbows townhall and storages in the centre then surrond them with wals then put the rest of the buildings with the walls in a square pattern then surrond them with walls if you have then see the out come im on level 34

Added 17th Feb 2013, ID #255135

I just cover my town hall with the cannons n stuff. They cant destroy you completely then, and also keep everything in range of your defenses. I gwt raided all the time and have only lost twice. Im level 14

Added 23rd Jan 2013, ID #245621

Hi your swell

Added 17th Jan 2013, ID #243479

Do challenges

Added 17th Jan 2013, ID #243442

I have placed ally resources and TH behind double walls and heavily guarded. I also have spread everything else out randomly. Since doing this I have won most attacks and the losses are not bad. Even those are 10 levels above me. I believe this works for 2 reasons, 1. It confuses the troops that are attacking, 2. They run out of time. There's nothing like sighing on to find you earned 58 trophies and you are just tring out something new... Hope this helps ;0)

Added 14th Jan 2013, ID #242476

build as many troops as you can then when the camps are full get the training queued again to the hilt then go look for a match up.
Try and find someone that has low level walls alot of gold and make sure also that you have a good amount of storage space available for gold then send in as many troops as possible to steal as much gold and elixir as possible. Dont worry if you win or lose the object here is to go back to your clan and then upgrade as many of your walls as possible once you get your gold storage back down to say 5000 or so then go find more opponents using the same strategy and keep repeating until you have upgraded all your walls as many times as possible.

Of course you need to balance all of this with upgrades etc so be sure to get your defenses up early on, this will allow you to win trophies by means of being able to defend very well.

Have fun and see you all - Join warriors clan if in need of a clan.

Chief Lenny

Added 11th Jan 2013, ID #241316

yes you can get attacked from all sides even if in the corner

Try build walls around your mortars as they deal a lot of splash damage so the longer you can keep them in the fray the more damage the enemy troops will sustain

Added 11th Jan 2013, ID #241315

I have a nexis 7 I am looking for the game but to many people have put fan sites and I can not find it

Added 5th Jan 2013, ID #237796

Ya is it possible to put ur town hall in a corner can you be attacked by all sides or just 2.

Added 30th Dec 2012, ID #231922

cont from last again... Join a clan, donate and ask for donations for extra troops. these troops will defend from your clan building so place that near where you think the enemy is most likely to attack from. you should design your base to steer or funnel the enemy where you want. you can also use them to attack and if your clan has better troops than you, you will have an easier time when attacking. If your clan is not helpful start your own. set rules be polite reward long term members with elder status donate and keep chat free of foul language and your clan will be happy boot all who do the opposite. don't try to be the top clan at the start.

Added 11th Dec 2012, ID #219106

Right a good tip is to do what all the others said. The reason why you should upgrade everything else before th upgrade is because people of a similar th grade and trophy LVL attack u. So weak people will attack you but you have the ultimate defence. Say you have a LVL 5 th. if you have full gold walls, highest lvl archer and cannon and mortar, you'd be able to flatten your opponent and if you upgrade ur clan castle, you can request and people will fill u till ur full if u got a good clan and they'd be able to defend to.

Added 6th Dec 2012, ID #215621

Keep in mind that you need to protect your town hall, your resource collectors and your defenses... things like army camps, builder's huts, barracks, etc. don't need protection, so put themoutside your walls as buffers to draw enemy fire.

Added 5th Dec 2012, ID #215389

Great advice!

Just have one question: Why upgrade everything before upgrading town hall? Seems like you get a lot of things from just upgrading town hall (extra walls, traps, etc) so why not upgrade town hall as early as possible?

Added 3rd Dec 2012, ID #214770

Because you will get less money from raiding lower level town halls when you upgrade your town hall

Added 26th Jun 2015, ID #575852


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