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Bike Race

Bike Race Cheats for iPhone/iPad

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Get more lifeAdded 14 Apr 2015, ID #6671
When you r plying with other and one last life is remaining..... In android press the home key.... Than open task manager and END the bike race......... Than open it again now you will have 3more life....

Add Me ...... Ghost Bike..... 20 fb frnds...
Thank You

Unlock StagesAdded 10 Jan 2014, ID #3169
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding extra stage will become unlocked.

Arctic #2:
Obtain 132 stars, and play with 3 Facebook friends.

Desert #2:
Obtain 108 stars, and play with 1 Facebook friend.

Dunes #2:
Obtain 156 stars, and have the Ninja Bike unlocked.

Hills #2:
Obtain 180 stars, and have the Silver Bike unlocked.
Unlock BikesAdded 9 Sep 2013, ID #2855
Check out the video below to see how you unlock Super Bike and Kids Bike. You will need to download iPhone Explorer which you can get from this link http://goo.gl/qFfro if you don't have it already to do it though.

Watch the video
MultipleyerAdded 22 Jan 2013, ID #1842
I think this only works on samsung galaxy ace 2 if you play the multiplayer whitout an internet connection ( whit wifi but you do not no the password and the pop up for wi fi connectin pops up when you are plaing the multiplayer you just cancel the pop up and you will have three lives again
Unlock BikesAdded 10 Jan 2013, ID #1824
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding bike will become available.

Acrobatic Bike:
Race 100% wheelie and get 3 stars; do 2 front flips and get 3 stars; do 4 black flips and get 3 stars.

Bronze Bike:
Collect 24 stars in the Desert, Arctic, Dunes; win 3 consecutive races.

Ghost Bike:
Play with 20 Facebook friends.

Girl Bike:
Collect 12 stars; do a backflip and get 3 stars.

Gold Bike:
Earn 24 stars each in Desert 2 and Arctic 2; win 12 consecutive races; win 5,000 games in Multiplayer; defeat a Silver Bike in Multiplayer.

High Tech Bike:
Create a game with a Facebook friend, with a random user, via SMS, and via email.

Hog Bike:
Beat a Police Bike, a Ninja Bike, a Ghost Bike, and a Super Bike in Multiplayer.

Ninja Bike:
Win 250 Multiplayer games.

Police Bike:
Play with 5 Facebook friends.

Retro Bike:
Win 5 games on Multiplayer; Like the Bike Race page; Like the Top Free Games page.

Silver Bike:
Collect 24 stars each on Hills, Beach, and Savana; win 7 consecutive races; defeat a Bronze Bike in Multiplayer.

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