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Assassin Technique Focus

Hitman: Absolution approaches the entire process of starting skills and skill improvement with its unique Focus System – which for Assassin Techniques is basically controlled by the player obtaining a target score in each mission, which then unlocks a new Assassin Technique. A total of thirty techniques are spread over the more than thirty stages in the game, so there is plenty of opportunity for the player to unlock all of them, and with each of the Techniques they unlock they improve the different skills that are part of game play.

The Techniques are broken down into three levels, with ten unlocks in each:

Level 1 Assassin Techniques

  • Chameleon: Hiding in plain sight recovers instinct.
  • Controlled Breathing: Improves stability with a sniper rifle.
  • Dual-Wielding Expertise: Improved accuracy while dual-wielding.
  • Hand-to-Hand: Better close quarter combat reaction time.
  • Instinctive Shot: Tagging in point-shoot consumes less instinct.
  • Iron Man: Improved sprinting.
  • Pain Suppression: Recovery time is improved.
  • Pure Instinct: Improved instinct recovery from using actions and items.
  • Throwing: Improves throwing range for small objects.
  • Weapon Handling: Reduced recoil from firing.

Level 2 Assassin Techniques

  • Chameleon 2: Blending instinct cost is reduced.
  • Controlled Breathing 2: Longer steady aiming time.
  • Dual-Wielding Expertise 2: Increased fire rate while dual-wielding.
  • Hand-to-Hand 2: Shorter subdue time.
  • Instinctive Shot 2: Tagging in point-shooting consumes less instinct.
  • Iron Man 2: Improved sprinting.
  • Pain Suppression 2: Improved damage endurance.
  • Pure Instinct 2: Maximum instinct increased.
  • Throwing 2: Increased throwing range for heavy objects.
  • Weapon Handling 2: Improved reload time.

Level 3 Assassin Techniques

  • Chameleon 3: Instinct recovers more while hiding in plain sight; blending costs less instinct.
  • Controlled Breathing 3: Increased stability while aiming with the sniper rifle.
  • Dual-Wielding Expertise 3: Increased aiming and fire rate while dual-wielding.
  • Hand to Hand 3: Improves subdue times and close quarter combat reaction times.
  • Instinctive Shot 3: Tagging in point shoot consumes less instinct.
  • Iron Man 3: Improved sprinting.
  • Pain Suppression 3: Increases maximum life and reduces sustained damage.
  • Pure Instinct 3: Improved instinct recovery.
  • Throwing 3: Increased throwing range for all objects.
  • Weapon Handling 3: Improved reload time and reduced recoil from firing.

Gamers who pre-ordered the game and thus had access to the Hitman: Sniper Challenge Mini-Game will have had advanced access to unlocking some of the challenges listed above.




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