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ID #1585

For all action gamers, this is a pretty solid game. The graphics are pretty good, the gameplay is a mixture of MGS2 and Winback, and it's not first-person, which I hate. The plot will keep your interest throughout the game. There are tests in the game (like MG VR Missions) called LEILA tests that you need to go through to earn licenses throughout the game. I didn't mind that at all since you only have to do 4 per license. The only drawbacks are the motorcycle that's hard to control and you don't have crosshairs to shoot people once and kill them. Out of a possible ten, I'd give it an 8.

ID #1584

Well to sum it up for you.it plays alot like youre typical resedent evil game.

But without the cool zombies.if you enjoy games were you constantly have to find a item in order to advance.

Have tons of free time.This is the game for you.I myself enjoy an heart pounding thrill ride (GTA3)(state of emergency)ect.and if you share a simular taste.

Head hunter will bore you to tears.....

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