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Trees and Bushes

Just when you thought you had unlocked everything Hay Day has to offer when it comes to farming, you find out that there is in fact a whole other tier of items to buy, in the Trees and Bushes category! These are more than just pretty decorations, in fact they provide you with new items of produce.

Trees and Bushes are somewhat unique, in that once you have purchased and planted them, you only have a limited number of uses before they wither and die. At this point, you can enlist a friend to revive it, gaining you XP and another batch of produce. After this, however, it will literally be an obstacle in the ground requiring you to cut it down to get back the space it occupied.

You can see the full list of these below:

Apple Tree:
Unlocks at Level 15

Raspberry Bush:
Unlocks at Level 19

Cherry Tree:
Unlocks at Level 22

Blackberry Bush:
Unlocks at Level 26

Cacao Tree:
Unlocks at Level 36

Coffee Bush:
Unlocks at Level 42




27 comments, latest first.
Seriously, Tom is a great help but do some harvesting because sometimes it gives bonuses. My farm is called, for cool boy only plz give me posts.

Added 14th Aug 2015, ID #597776

How do u cit the trees in n hay day without a saw😕😕😕😕

Added 25th Jun 2015, ID #575365

How do you cut down trees on land that is not unlocked

Added 5th Jun 2015, ID #566045

How to know if I have collected the raspberries, blackberries, apples or cherries for the 3rd time?? I usually forget it so can you help me outta this problem??

Added 24th Feb 2015, ID #520518

Same. I always use Tom for saws. And I always use trees as big money trees. Ahh I love using the trees as decorations too. They're so pretty.

Added 22nd Feb 2015, ID #519851

Who's tom? 😂

Added 15th Feb 2015, ID #516196

I usually use Tom to get the saws to cut down the trees. I wonder why other people don't use him, or is there a limited number of times you can do that?

Added 25th Dec 2014, ID #489903

How many blackberries do you get over the life of a bush?

Added 23rd Dec 2014, ID #488788

I fell into the trap of planting a load of trees without realising they die and you need saw. DONT FALL INTO THIS TRAP!

Added 19th Aug 2014, ID #438127

How do you join a neighborhood?

Added 8th Aug 2014, ID #432990

How do you find farms that need their trees and bushes revived???

Added 20th Jul 2014, ID #422343

I love the game but sillo and barn is always full and the boods are not awailable in the shoping of tom

Added 11th Jul 2014, ID #416206

Join a neighborhood, is just as helpful as Tom, they will help you with tools to expand your barn, silo and land, I recommend C.A.T. Traders

Added 17th May 2014, ID #384860

Is there any other way to get rid of the trees without using a saw and diamonds?

Added 18th Apr 2014, ID #376338

Oh how I wish

Added 3rd May 2015, ID #551573

I love the game but Silo and Barn is always full.

Add me EmistEmist

Added 21st Mar 2014, ID #366585

Will my trees and bushes stay alive if I DONT harvest them?

Added 8th Jan 2014, ID #341392


Added 5th Sep 2015, ID #605786


Added 20th Aug 2015, ID #600282

I find the more I harvest the more I receive and my pets also give saws, axes, and land expansion items, I spend a little money to speed up processes, such as machinery after purchasing, out side of that I enjoy the time management challenge. If your going to spend money buying diamonds, a good use is to purchase TOM, his help is worth the spend.... I love the game...PS free diamonds can be found in the mine

Added 13th Oct 2013, ID #314390

How do i get a saw or shovel

Added 21st Aug 2013, ID #306044

I think there should be an easier and faster way to cut down old bushes and makes my farm look so horrible while waiting for a saw or hatchet which hardly ever come. Is there something I'm missing?

Added 9th Aug 2013, ID #303683

super cell just wants money. BUT there games are good, that's Y they deserve money(abit). CLASH OF CLANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 27th May 2013, ID #285632

When I visit other farms there are so many dead trees/bushes and it is very frustrating not being able to revive them. Are players unaware what they have to do to ask for help or is the game fixed in some way that you can only revive trees/bushes in special circumstances because you get XPs for reviving them? Very frustrating all the same.

Added 17th May 2013, ID #283193

Believe me this game is too expensive to maintain, I just finished using over 3,000 diamonds,
And the barn and silo is always full,I might just quit this game,lol,

Added 22nd Apr 2013, ID #276750

How do you bring fruit trees back to life

Added 19th Apr 2013, ID #275456

Why can you only choose three things to get help with ont he boat it is harder i liked it how it was before and how do you chop down trees without expanding?

Many thanx erins farm

Added 8th Apr 2013, ID #271683

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