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Pets in Hay Day

Pets were added to Hay Day in an update, but the game has a unique approach towards them - you have to save up 'Pet Vouchers' before you are able to get one. Pets include Cats and Dogs.

You can get pets by purchasing them. Dogs can be bought after Level 20, while Cats start at Level 21. You require Pet Vouchers as mentioned above, which are given out when you complete boat and special truck deliveries. You can read more on how to get Pet Vouchers, below.

Before you are able to get a dog or cat, you first have to purchase a Dog House, or a Cat House. Once you have them, they will walk freely around your farm. They do require some intervention, however, and you will need to be willing to feed them once they get hungry. To do this, you simply tap on the house that you built for them and fill the bowl either with bacon or milk, for the dog or the cat respectively. You can fill the bowls whenever you like - the pets will only eat once they are actually hungry.

TIP: Having eaten, your pets will want to sleep. To get your reward for feeding them, tap them to wake them up. If you have a lot of pets, use the whistle to wake them all up together and get the reward all at once.

You are limited to 2 Dog Houses and 2 Cat Houses on your farm. Each pet house can have a maximum of three pets. This means, if you so desired, you could support an impressive 12 pets (with 6 dogs and 6 cats) on your farm.

Use the pet whistle to control your pets. Blowing it will wake them up, allowing you to collect your reward, as well as to call them back to their houses if they've been wandering.




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I have as many pets as I can afford in order to get rewards - like building materials and deeds.

Added 8th Sep 2015, ID #606555

How often does pets give you special rewards for feeding them and does the cost of the pets have a effect on how many upgrading items they give you

Added 29th Aug 2015, ID #603543

Can you look up your friends on hay day so you can play with them???

Added 25th Jul 2015, ID #589227

why can,t I get on hay day why

Added 1st Jul 2015, ID #578520

Maybe because it's not installed...

Added 21st Sep 2015, ID #610210

Can you put dogs in fences? Or is it better to have them inside stone walls?

Added 30th Mar 2015, ID #535239

There is new ones in the March 2015 update with the Labrador retriever puppy and the kittens but you need to buy a new house for them not just your normal dog/cat house hope this helps! ^_^

Added 24th Mar 2015, ID #532331

How do you easily get vouchers?

Added 24th Jan 2015, ID #506468

How much does a cat and dog eat?

Added 21st Jan 2015, ID #504980

Why does my cat walk through the fence

Added 30th Dec 2014, ID #492876

Because u can't trap them I tried

Added 9th May 2015, ID #553944

But my animals are in a hedge fencing thingy and they haven't walked out side of them

Added 6th Oct 2015, ID #614424

how can I name my dog

Added 25th Nov 2014, ID #476154

U can't name them

Added 29th Apr 2015, ID #549387

My dogs just sit by their house all the time now, they used to run about... What's wrong with them?

Added 13th Nov 2014, ID #470978

They are either hungry (feed them), have been fed and are asleep (blow whistle to wake them), or are trapped by walls, trees, buildings, bushes etc (tap them so they break past the block). Hope that helps!

Added 21st May 2015, ID #559220

Does a dog eat bacon?

Added 2nd Nov 2014, ID #466302


Added 21st May 2015, ID #559221


Added 6th May 2015, ID #552699

i have one dog,but i don't understand what is the use of it?

Added 28th Oct 2014, ID #464282

Pets also return gifts when you wake them. Not every time though.

Added 21st May 2015, ID #559222

Just to look pretty, eat and give you XP.

Added 21st May 2015, ID #559061

I put my pet's in a between fences to keep them from escaping

Added 9th Oct 2014, ID #456335

Wth. My dogs gone.

Added 6th Oct 2014, ID #455468

how often does a dog eat?????

Added 29th Sep 2014, ID #452897

I got a pet but how long do you collect the stars

Added 28th Aug 2014, ID #441852

How do I get the cat and dog houses?

Added 8th Aug 2014, ID #433034

Love the game

Added 30th Jul 2014, ID #428018

How long do the pets roam around your farm before they need to be fed and woken up?

Added 8th Jul 2014, ID #414610

How do i delete the cat

Added 5th Jul 2014, ID #412723

How often do cats eat? I fed my cat 9 hours ago and gave it more milk. Thinking it would make it eat and get more points. I called it with the whistle and all but it still wouldn't eat. What do I do for it to eat? I want to level up and get more points. If I can't get it to eat like that how long does it take for it to want to eat? Thanks for making this it was really helpful. How do I get more vouchers? I get them at boat orders and spins and car orders and all but I'm level 25 and I don't have a cake machine or smelter and my mine isn't repaired. [b][/b] HELP!!!! Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 29th Jun 2014, ID #408674

My dogs keep walking through objects

Added 23rd Jun 2014, ID #404897

How do I level up more quickly

Added 6th Jun 2014, ID #394773

How do you get more people to follow me?

Added 29th May 2014, ID #390702

does any one know how to get the beige vouchers i have a large amount of all the other colored vouchers but can not hardly ever get the beige ones

Added 15th May 2014, ID #384443

I currently have 3 dogs to one dog house and another dog to another house, is there a way to move one dog over so that it doesn't look so overcrowded?

Added 2nd May 2014, ID #380850

Wow that is alot

Added 9th Apr 2014, ID #373145

Won't let me buy a horse with my vouchers which I have more than needed. Also I have bought the stable already.

Added 28th Mar 2014, ID #369033

What do pets produce?

Added 19th Feb 2014, ID #356739

The grey donkey is so cute and mind if u add the donkey to give more XP Supercell? Nick

Added 10th Feb 2014, ID #353676

The cats are ungrateful u know? They look at u if u r hungry. If not they will be looking somewhere. Supercell?if u could could u add an update to make pets more grateful?Yah and stop them from passing through things. I can't keep on telling them to stay at home. Can u also make use of the cat house I sent about a few thousand coins to buy a few bowls and I can't make space for my farm. Farm name is Level 51 if you can see.

Added 8th Feb 2014, ID #352900

What do you feed your horse ?

Added 4th Feb 2014, ID #351551

How do I get dog dishes

Added 20th Jan 2014, ID #345937

My ate but didn't fall asleep, what does that mean?

Added 19th Jan 2014, ID #345718

Can I get more than 2 Retrievers?

Added 13th Jan 2014, ID #343391

I have expanded all land and fishing spots and am wondering if after Level 50 I need to save Land Deeds Mallets and Marker Stakes for anything else ?????

Added 4th Jan 2014, ID #339424


Added 23rd Nov 2013, ID #321354

Thanks bro your the best it really helped me you rock btw this website is awsome

Added 17th Oct 2013, ID #314949

You can't rid of a dog house

Added 8th Oct 2013, ID #313448

How do you get rid of a dog house?

Added 8th Oct 2013, ID #313436

What dose horse give you?

Added 6th Oct 2013, ID #313040

How much is a cat

Added 29th Sep 2013, ID #311688

How do you get your cat to eat?

Added 30th Aug 2013, ID #307489

My dogs don't walk anymore.....HELP

Added 24th Aug 2013, ID #306466

To get vouchers you complete boat orders, find them in treasure chests which you find in friends and your farm or get them in your daily spin

Added 18th Aug 2013, ID #305464

Sigh it takes so long to level up I'm only at level 12 right now ( btw my cat is licking me as I speak) I wish I could get cats/ dogs/ horses sooner

Added 16th Aug 2013, ID #305185

Horses give you experience like the cats and dogs i think

Added 9th Aug 2013, ID #303696

What do horse give you

Added 28th Jun 2013, ID #293334

How do you get voltchers in hay day

Added 23rd Jun 2013, ID #292259

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