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Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

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gookinater19th May 2009, ID #1110
Oh boy. Theres just so much to say about a game this dissapointing from a good series. I'm honestly flabberghasted by the fact that they ever sold this game in the first place. Pong is a heck of a l..

Rating: 38%Read Full Review
darkdamsel20th Jun 2009, ID #1124
This game is time consuming and takes awhile to get fully used to it, but once you do get used to it, it's quite fun. I highly recommend investing in an Action Replay for this game though, unlocking..

Rating: 72%Read Full Review

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Not as good as DS cute Added 17 May 2009, ID #11332
Thats right! I just felt that the "3-D" graphics were annoying and the way you move about(touch and drag) is hard to deal with. I would have rather spent my money on something a little more fun. I know it's got wi-fi connection and all, but does that reaelly matter to those of us with dial-up and no wirelessness? HECK NO! And the way you have to work forever just to build a bridge so that you can get to each area? UGH! And as for the wonderfuls- they are in no way wonderful. You work really hard and waste all of your stamina just so you can get some silly little upgrade(yay I can water two squares at once now!). This game shouldnt even be sold anymore.
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