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535 CheatX991Xeta 14th Feb 2007 72% Read Review
569 Alchemy Wep 18th Mar 2007 98% Read Review
604 tigger4will 25th Apr 2007 88% Read Review
684 puggle 8th Aug 2007 82% Read Review
947 hm_hottie_1357 8th Sep 2008 98% Read Review
1240 Ran08 3rd May 2010 64% Read Review
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Harvest moon Added 16 Jul 2013, ID #17996
I have always liked the harvest moon games and as the first one that I myself has owned I found that it was really great I have also played the one for gamecube. This version is great because I can take it anywhere with me and still enjoy some farming on the go XD and get
Harvest Moon D.S. Reveiw Added 2 May 2010, ID #13677
Harvest Moon is a game were you can do basically whatever you want, it's a game that you'll fall in love with.

In Harvest Moon you are a Farmer and there is so much to do such as....
Make a girlfriend, take care of animals, grow crops, go exploring, dig up caves, go fishing, unlock islands and there is lots of characters and events to keep you busy.

While under the pressure of finding all 101 Harvest Sprites, under threats of the Witch Princess and desperatly need to find the Harvest Goddess.

This is a great game and is designed just oustandingly, I recommend it greatly from ages 5 to over adult.
Awesome game Added 3 Dec 2007, ID #5642
This is easily the best game I have played on Nintendo DS, nearly in all aspects. The gameplay is better than most of my PS2 games. The graphics are great, the lastability is great, though im pretty annoyed because i lost my manual for it. Anyway, the only thing you wanna watch out for is the dodgy music. It annoys the hell out of me all the time, so when you're playing on it, just fling a CD in your stereo and turn it up full. Works for me all the time. Great game, they should make another one.
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