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magooglybob25th Jul 2005, ID #128
There is so much to say about this game where do I begin well the biginning levels are aawesome I have never seen a first person shooter like this ever when people say this is the best game ever mad..

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Homestar36519th Dec 2005, ID #237
Halo is probably the best first person shooter for the Xbox. It's hands down amazing, and will always be the best game in the world. For me, at least. Now, all you people who haven't played Halo, yo..

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Talon988910th Jun 2009, ID #1122
Halo Combat Evolved is one of the best games I have ever played! It's just amazing on so many levels! You know it's about Master Chief trying to shut down Halo but it's much more than that! Througho..

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Keyblade2112th Sep 2011, ID #1371
This game is by far one of the best first person shooter games, and you wont be disappointed either, so many people have loved playing this game. At first you wake up in a Cryo-tube (Frozen state) a..

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Halo Added 21 Apr 2004, ID #1672
Halo is an Xbox classic, this game is absolutely fantastic.The graphics on this game are basiclly unbeatable 10/10.

The sound on this game very, very good but should of been that little bit better 9/10.

The gameplay just has to be 10/10. P.S its was in the charts for two years i wonder if halo 2 will be as good and get
cool game Added 28 Dec 2003, ID #1022
I'm not really a fan of X-boxes, I'm more of a retro gamer but Halo I've got to admit is a very cool game.

I mean the classic games are good but Halo is very very good, good sounds, brilliant graphics, gameplay is good too if I had to give it a vote out of five I would give it a very deserving five.
Best game ever Added 16 Dec 2003, ID #967
If you own an XBox, you better go out and buy Halo! It is absolutley the best FPS (and game) ever!

Any match with four or more people and vehicles is totally awesome. If there's only two people, then play the co-op and get skills so you can kick some covenant a**!
Halo Added 14 Dec 2003, ID #953
If you own an Xbox, you MUST play Halo!

It's incredibly detailed and fun!

How could you not have fun going around on another planet with a gun and blowing up aliens?

This game is great, the graphics are amazing and there are many different ways to play.

If you have an Xbox and haven't played Halo yet, you haven't experienced a good time yet.

Simply: PLAY HALO!!!
Halo Added 12 Dec 2003, ID #948
MAN HALO ROCKS !!!!!! Every one should play it !!! My MOM lets my little 5 year old sister play it its so cool. THIS GAME IS THE BEST !!!!
10 out of 10!! Added 5 Nov 2003, ID #827
This is definitely 100% THE BEST GAME EVER! I was astounded, from the first time I saw those beautiful graphics!

The best Xbox game, the best game ever. I am a HUGE halofan. I mean I play sports but, this is almost as good as hockey.

I have played great games all the time. This excells a supurb game.

I mean I see people saying "best Xbox game," and "best first person shooter" but for me, its not the best first person shooter, its the best game OUT!

Can't wait for Halo 2! I've seen the 2003 E3 halo 2 trailer--IT'S SWEET (duh)well ***** out of ***** stars, this game is #1!!
Added 16 Sep 2003, ID #737
Halo is an addictive game in which your men follow you to destroy the evil forces of the covenant.

Later in the game you will experience a shock of suspence.

I recomend that every person who owns a xbox should experience this suspenceful thrill of Halo!!!!!!
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! Added 8 Sep 2003, ID #721
Halo rocks!!! It`s the best game ever!! I like making your own 2 player games & crashing the vehicles.

It very fun!!!!
ID #286

Halo is the best game you could ever play. It has kickass graphics and it Keeps you in suspense.

ID #285

Halo is the coolest game!! Not only do you blow up aliens with grenades or rocket launchers ( and apparently flame throwers) but you can ride around in sweet vehicles like the Warthog jeep and the Scorpion tank and Ghosts! I only have about 2 more levels to go. It gets hard as you go though like in one level, swarm after swarm of aliens come and it really drains out your ammo. But overall, this is the best game I've ever played including Playstation games and N64 and stuff.

ID #284

Halo is the best game you could ever play it has sweet vehichles, weapons and graffics.Me and my frind have beat it but it is still cool.

ID #283
Halo... the game gamers have waited for... the best thing since sliced bread, and we love it!

The weapons to add full fraggology, stickin' grenades to the evil covenant and laughing at them as they run about waiting to explode in a beautifully crafted blue cloud.

Most fun is setting up some Warthogs and hitting them to pull backflips in a ghost.

Not a game for Pu***es due to the meaningful hand to hand multiplayer carnage so put the sniper rifle away!


ID #282

yo all u gamers out there. This game,Halo, IS the best game since sugar,yummmmm sugar. Even though some peeps say that is has bad stuff. It has won game of the year. And if u like the game u better read the book called Halo: the fall of reach. The best parts of the game are the storyboards, music, and enemys. Even throwing a granade on the enemy will make u fill with pride as u watch the enemy fly.

ID #281

Halo is the best game in existance! I have been a gamer ever since the regular nintindo came out and I have never come across a game as fun, edictive, or action pact as Halo. The game has more everything than any other game. The game has more stratigising, posobilities, and weaponry than any other game. It is the only game with multiple vehicles, human and alien, and the same with the weaponry. The marines you battle along side with have accents and many multiple phrases. The same goes with the aliens. Each spicies of alien have there own personalities and ranks just like the marines. Another great thing about Halo is the multiple levels and areas. It is also the only game that your friends (marines) actually help you on the battle field. There is also a prequel novel to Halo wich is the best book I've ever read.

ID #280

This game is the best game ever!!!! Since i have got it i havent stopped playing it, and when i have it was to write this review!! 10/10. A must buy for X-Box owners!!!!

ID #279

To all the gamers out there is game rules!! Its hard too put down (maybe because the controlers are so comftorable). I loved it the story was fantastic! It sometimes frustrated me when i couldnt get paststuff but when you complete it you can feel the satisfaction!! Buy the game!!

ID #278

HALO is the game of the year but the only bad thing about it is it has no cheats.

The only "hint" or "cheat" it has is: Beat the game on Lengendary and have a slightly longer end movie.

I mean thats it, well there is that one thing that goes if you shine your light on one kind of flood they stand still but that's stupid.

I mean don't get me wrong it's my favorite game but they could have added just one extra little code like infinate amo and granades.

O well may be in HALO 2.

ID #277

If u are thinking about getting this game you should because it is an amazing game. I bought this game a few weeks ago and a tip is u will probably do this game easily on the dificulty setting easy but all of the other difficulty settings are a real challange

ID #276
I'ts a great game and it has a great story!

i don't have a xbox but a friend of my has and he has the game!

but its stupid that there are no cheats!

Brilliant Added 17 Apr 2004, ID #4458
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