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243 PGT 2nd Jan 2006 94% Read Review
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Review on Half-Life 2 - By the bummer 09 Added 11 Jul 2006, ID #6022
Half-Life 2 - Review

Half-Life 2 is the sequal of Half-Life. In Half-Life, Dr. Freeman, the character you are, is part of an experiment that goes horribly wrong, and leads to the great adventure in saving planet earth.

In Half-Life 2, the adventure begins, and this time is quite different...
With over ten challenging levels, many exciting new weapons (Including the new gravity gun and revolver) and more exciting new enemies, Half-Life 2 is a game you can\'t afford to miss!

However, being the owner of both Half-Life and Half-Life 2, I found the storyline of the first Half-Life far more exciting and the fact you could team up with a friend makes the first Half-Life better. Nevertheless, Half-Life 2 is still a very exciting game and has better graphics then the first Half-Life.

Here is the final score for Half-Life 2

Graphics: 95%
Gameplay: 82%
Lastability: 85%
Storyline: 75%

Overall: 89%

Not a bad game, It has a few let downs, but overall, it\'s a fun game that everyone should have a go at.

If you have the game, or if you are planning on getting it, a great level in the game is We Don\'t Go To Ravenholm. This level is really fun, challenging at times and looks very realistic.

Have fun all! and get
Hl2 Added 5 Oct 2007, ID #11633
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