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They're Coming with Us
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

They're Coming with Us

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide - Walkthrough

They're Coming with Us

Nate runs into Elena Fisher, love interest from the 1st installment of the series.  And they're coming along.

Treasure on this level:
||BOX|Treasure Name:          |Location:                                      ||
||[ ]|Worn Pendant            |Burned-out house at initial start;Cardboard box||
||[ ]|Nine Jewel Ring         |Inside the fountain statue's bell              ||
||[ ]|Ankhara Water Vessel    |Pile of rubbish down the river                 ||
||[ ]|Silver Shiva Amulet     |Blue cart in courtyard right before the temple ||

Treasure Video for this level

Proceed onwards and take out the handful troops that initially appear in the square. 

.----- TREASURE #30: WORN PENDANT ---------------------------------------------.
|!|This one's found by backtracking to nearby where this chapter began.  Head|!|
|!|inside the destroyed building to the right and look for a cardboard box in|!|
|!|the corner.  Thsi treasure's lying on top of it.                          |!|
.----- TREASURE #31: NINE JEWEL RING ------------------------------------------.
|!|This treasure is located in the fountain statue.  Look up and inspect the |!|
|!|bell - you should see a shine glowing inside of it.  Shoot the treasure to|!|
|!|make it fall down in the fountain's water to collect it from there.       |!|

Meet up with the group at the upper left part of the town square and open the double doors.  As you reach the river you'll find that the current is too strong and that you'll have to find another way to get across.  First of all, shoot the gas can nearby the car in the river - this is step one of making your way across.

Back at the doors, explore the left section and go upstairs.  You'll reach a ladder which Chloe can reach if you boost her up.  She'll push down a crate, allowing you to also reach higher ground.  Here, grab one of the gas canisters and hurl it down, near the other car in the river and shoot it.  This will cause the car to float to the end, completing your way across.

.----- TREASURE #32: ANKHORA WATER VESSEL -------------------------------------.
|!|From the bottom of the stairs, turn left and head into the river, jumping |!|
|!|to the pile of rubbish where the previously mentioned car was located at. |!|
|!|Simply make your way across the river to a pile of rubbish and look for   |!|
|!|the shiny glow: The treasure can be found there.                          |!|

Once you continue after crossing the river you'll wind up in a fairly big firefight once again.  Up the stairs is a heavy machinegun stationed, and you'll run into a dozen soldiers in total.  Take out the majority of the troops first, then take note of the gas canister to your right - you can hurl this at the machinegun for a quick defeat.  Otherwise, snag one of the shotguns lying around and move in for a fast kill.  Several other troops appear once you move in, so get back and waste them as well.  One of them is armored, so be cautious around him.

Look for a blue pipe on the wall to the right of the machinegun and go through the open window.  From here, proceed over the small catwalk at the billboard, then through the building until you reach an open courtyard with a big temple.

.----- TREASURE #33: SILVER SHIVA AMULET --------------------------------------.
|!|Don't immediately move towards the temple but explore the courtyard first.|!|
|!|Search the blue cart on the left side of the courtyard and look for a glow|!|
|!|as usual - the treasure is located here.                                  |!|

Approach the temple to initiate a cutscene and the chapter will end.

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