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The City's Secret
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

The City's Secret

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide - Walkthrough

The City's Secret

The group has found the temple they were looking for. What secrets will they find inside?

Treasure Locations:
||BOX|Treasure Name:          |Location:                                      ||
||[ ]|Bronze Altar Spoon      |From entrance, hall to your right, upper area  ||
||[ ]|Bronze Varaha Statue    |When ceiling is closing in on you; On ground   ||
.----- TREASURE #34: BRONZE ALTAR SPOON ---------------------------------------.
|!|This one's easy if you know where to look.  As soon as you enter the      |!|
|!|temple, immediately head right through a doorway and climb the wall at the|!|
|!|end of this small hall.  The treasure can be found up there.              |!|

Treasure Video for this level. Also solves statue puzzle

Enter the hall and take a look at Drake's Journal by pressing Select.  The book will automatically be brought to the right page, but you can flip through it with the left analog stick.  Check out those faces of Sully!

But on the serious side of things, how are you going to climb that statue?

First, the arms need to be put into the proper positions. 
1. The arm with the Trident is already in the proper position.

2. Look for a broken pillar on the right side of the chamber and climb it, then reach out for a pipe and climb up.  Shimmy left and make your way to the statue.  Leave the arm with the Trident alone and instead, look for bricks in the corner.  Climb all the way up and you'll reach the upper arm - move this with the triangle button.

3. To reach the other arms, simply go the other way, starting from the broken pillar and pipe leading to the upper area.  Swing across several poles and jump onto the next walkway, which will then collapse.  You can still climb

4. up however, so do so and move the lower and higher arms both.  The upper arm can be reached by climbing the bricks in the corner, swinging to the pipe, then back to the wall, dropping down the ledge and leaping for the arm.

Now that you've done all that, insert the Phurba into the keyhole to lower the water down below (you expected that, didn't you?).  Head down the dark stairs and go into the tombs below.

Walk down the hall, turn right and climb the collapsed remains after which you can drop inside a new area.  Continue down the halls, wading through shallow water and the you'll reach an intersection.  It doesn't matter which path you take, as they join together very soon.  Proceed down the enormous hall until Nate and Chloe fall down a trap.

.----- TREASURE #35: BRONZE VARAHA STATUE -------------------------------------.
|!|Immediately start looking for this treasure as you don't have much time.  |!|
|!|Spot the shiny glow on the floor and quickly collect it.                  |!|

With the spikey ceiling closing in, think fast.  Spot the cogwheels on one of the walls?  Hurl a grenade or two at those to destroy them and the ceiling will promptly stop.  Climb up through an opening in one of the walls and follow the halls until you reach a very large chamber.

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