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Path of Light
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Path of Light

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide - Walkthrough

Path of Light

Nate and Chloe traverse deeper into the temple's tomb until they reach an enormous chamber.  What's next?

Treasure locations on this level:
||BOX|Treasure Name:          |Location:                                      ||
||[ ]|Copper Lahke Mask       |Large chamber;1st upper walkway at the very end||
||[ ]|Carved Jade Figurine    |Third upper walkway, on a wall, look above     ||
||[ ]|Bronze Ganesh Statue    |Hidden chamber underneath large chamber        ||

Treasure Video for this level

There's a puzzle to be solved here, that much is for sure.  Adjust the first light-reflecting mirror right in front of you and shine the beam directly onto the forehead of the head far in front of you to make it glow.  Approach it and stick your Phurba in it.  The first of three blades will come down.

Climb this blade; You'll be required to switch between sides of the blade every now and then in order to reach the top.  Then, very carefully walk over the thin edge of the extended blade to reach a statue.  As Nate clings onto an eyebrow of the statue, light emerges from it and a new pathway in the form of ledges is revealed.  Follow that way until you can drop down to a walkway below.

.----- TREASURE #36: COPPER LAKHE MASK ----------------------------------------.
|!|At the very end of this corridor you can find this treasure, just look for|!|
|!|the shiny glow.                                                           |!|

After collecting the treasure, drop down once more by the green ledges that Nate already inspected from a distance.  Here, move towards the mirror and reflect it onto the rightern mirror-cage hanging from the ceiling.  If you aim it correctly at the mirror's opening it will then reflect light into a second statue head.  Head over to the statue and stick the Phurba dagger in it once again to continue with the game.

As the second blade descends, climb up once more after heading back to the center of the room.  Walk to the far end of the last dagger and it'll break down.  Nate is left hanging onto it - shoot the nearly crumbled structure with light beams coming through several cracks and hurl yourself over to the mirror cage during the scene.  Climb it and leap to the last walkway with the final statue head.

.----- TREASURE #37: CARVED JADE FIGURINE -------------------------------------.
|!|This treasure can be found by keeping an eye out for a shine on the upper |!|
|!|walls.  Shoot the glimmering light to acquire this treasure - it's located|!|
|!|on the left side of the statue when you face it.                          |!|

Turn the final mirror and activate the final statue head by sticking the Phurba in one last time.  This reveals a secret opening down the throat of the big lying statue in the middle of the chamber.  Head down and you'll reach a hidden area.

.----- TREASURE #38: BRONZE GANESH STATUE -------------------------------------.
|!|Once you're in the hidden area below the large chamber, simply circle     |!|
|!|around it and look for the shine of this treasure - you can just walk up  |!|
|!|to it and collect it.                                                     |!|

Inspect the orb at the base of the circle and a cutscene unfolds, then the chapter comes to an end.

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