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Desperate Times
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Desperate Times

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide - Walkthrough

Desperate Times

Lazarevic' troops are everywhere.  How are Nate and Chloe going to manage themselves in this situation?

Tresure on this level:
||BOX|Treasure Name:          |Location:                                      ||
||[ ]|Brass Bird Lamp         |At top of the electricity pole at the square   ||
||[ ]|Silver Dress Clasp      |Above the temple's entrance at the square      ||
||[ ]|Copper Rice Measure     |Hotel roof; Before entering, walk around it    ||
||[ ]|Yuan Dynasty Urn        |Upper end of staircase; Inside elevator shaft  ||
||[ ]|Enameled Snuff Bottle   |Destroyed hotel; Roof adjacent/below balcony   ||
||[ ]|Incense Burner          |On top of a small higher roof with a water tank||
Weapons on this level:
|WEAPON PICKUPS:      |o .45 Defender (Pistol)           o AK-47 (Machine Gun) |
|                     |o FAL (Machine Gun w/Scope)       o Mk - NDI (Grenade)  |
|                     |o 9 Micro - 9mm (Machine Pistol)  o Moss - 12 (Shotgun) |
|                     |o M32 - Hammer (Grenade Launcher) o RPG(Rocket Launcher)|
|                     |                                                        |

Chloe has a plan, but it basically boils down to killing everyone on this town square, which adds up to several dozen of soldiers.  First you'll want to sneak over to the truck with the soldier armed with the RPG rocket launcher.  There's an other guard nearby, so take both of them out in a stealthy fashion.  After having done so, take cover and start to clear out the square.  The RPG has two rounds - you might want to use one on a group of enemies and save one round for soon.

And soon becomes now as reinforcements show up.  A truck with a heavy machinegun shows up at the far right end of the square.  Waste the troops and, if you're up for it, use the RPG to take out the gunner, otherwise do so with gunfire.  More troops also enter the scene by a building on the opposite side.  Keep your ammo healthy by scavenging bodies from all around and defeat the final few troops with the help of Chloe.

Treasure Video for this level

.----- TREASURE #24: BRASS BIRD LAMP ------------------------------------------.
|!|Before continuing with the story, head back to the truck standing nearby  |!|
|!|the beginning of the area where you entered.  The troop with the RPG used |!|
|!|to be stationed on here.  From here, look around and you'll spot a long   |!|
|!|street lantern with several commercial signs attached.  Climb all the way |!|
|!|to the top and claim this treasure - shooting it won't work.              |!|
.----- TREASURE #25: SILVER DRESS CLASP ---------------------------------------.
|!|This is a very easy treasure to claim.  Drop down to ground level from the|!|
|!|pole of the previous treasure and approach the temple from this side.  You|!|
|!|can see the shiny glow from the treasure right above the doorway, attached|!|
|!|to the symbolic relief.                                                   |!|

With these treasure obtained, head for the hotel.  Chloe's already waiting for Nate to give her a boost, so put those hands to use and do it..  Head up the stairs, then leap over to the pole and climb it to reach the roof and get inside the hotel.

.----- TREASURE #26: COPPER RICE MEASURE --------------------------------------.
|!|Before entering the hotel through the window, head around the other side  |!|
|!|of this roof.  The treasure is simply lying on the dead end side.         |!|

It is here that you encounter a new enemy type, a rather tough armored troop, this time armed with a shotgun.  It'll take more rounds to kill these, so aim for the head.  After getting on the elevator a scene initiates.  You'll now have to find some way to get the power back online.

Travel through the rooms and leap over to the flag poles, swinging from each to the other until you reach the next room.  Shoot the planks blocking the doorway, then climb over to the other building.
Take note of the various gas canisters here that you can use to blow up the various troops lurking in these rooms.  Dispatch several troops until you reach a staircase.  Go all the way to the top until it appears the stairs can't get you any further.

.----- TREASURE #27: YUAN DYNASTY URN -----------------------------------------.
|!|From the broken down stairs at the top, leap to the elevator ledge in the |!|
|!|middle and climb over to the inside of the elevator shaft.  Drop down and |!|
|!|collect this treasure from here.                                          |!|

Go back down one flight of stairs and go into a destroyed part of the hotel, where more troops are already awaiting you.  Dispatch them, but be careful of troops with shotguns as they can fell you with one or two shots.  Proceed to another building by the wooden walkway and defeat several more troops.

.----- TREASURE #28: ENAMELED SNUFF BOTTLE ------------------------------------.
|!|In this room, head onto the balcony and look to your left.  Hop over the  |!|
|!|balcony's railing to drop onto a long roof that goes around the corner.   |!|
|!|The treasure is located at the far end - don't forget to enjoy the view!  |!|

Walk to the very end of the pillar hanging dangerously from the balcony and use it to reach a pipe, which then leads you to the next floor above.  Leap over the gaps and take cover as another soldier appears in the hallway.

In the next room, drop down and hit the power switch to free Chloe.  You can then give her a boost to reach the ladder in this same room.  In the next area, take a dive in the swimming pool for a funny easter egg.  To continue with the game, hop over the railing in the upper hand corner, then continue along the roof to reach the higher platform where a cutscene initiates.

Glide down the rope, then try to get across to the other building and a short scene causes you to.. stay where you were.  Quickly rush from platform to platform until the final one breaks down.  Leap over to the roof of the building and take cover from the chopper's heavy fire while also dealing with around four troops.  When you've done so, leap over to the next building top and drop down inside.

Proceed through the rooms and the gun ship will blow the walls apart.  Don't worry too much about these explosions, but be sure to avoid its gunfire.  Down a few troops and go around the corner.  Here, hop down the stairs and dispatch the soldiers down here.  When the chopper starts to fire its second wave of rockets, quickly jump over to the other building as you slide downwards.  Close call Nate and Chloe!

Make your way through the hotel by going upstairs and leap over to the roof of the next building.  You'll encounter several soldiers here, one who is armed with an RPG, so quickly take cover and take him out first.  There are also gas canisters nearby that you can hurl at them, although it's hardly necessary.

.----- TREASURE #29: INCENSE BURNER -------------------------------------------.
|!|After crossing the bridge to over to the building, look for a cabin with a|!|
|!|water tank on top of it and climb this.  The treasure is lying on top of  |!|
|!|this small roof.                                                          |!|

Be sure to grab the grenade launcher around here, then look to your left and take out a group of enemies below.  As you jump down the next set of buildings, the gun ship will come out one last time.  Are you up for a final showdown?

Its only attack is the heavy machine gun which you'll want to avoid at all costs, so always stay in cover behind ledges.  The grenade launcher can bring the chopper down, but it'll take a good amount of hits - 14 or so - to down it.  There's plenty of ammo lying around, but you don't want to miss the gunship too often either.  After a short while the gunship will start to smoke and a few additional troops will assault you as well.  Take them out and continue to blast the chopper.  When it catches fire you'll know you're almost there.  After it finally goes down, lower the bridge to be on your way.

Hop down the building and look for a large sign up ahead. Cling onto it, go over to the other side and leap to the next building.  Here, jump down to the next building on your right and press Triangle when prompted to find a wire that Chloe and Nate'll use to reach the next building.  Or at least ..

When you're back in control of Nate, go around the corner and climb the blue pipes to cross the downed gunship.  Continue to end the chapter with a lengthy cutscene.

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