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Breaking and Entering
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Breaking and Entering

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide - Walkthrough

Breaking and Entering

Treasure on this level:
||BOX|Treasure Name:          |Location:                                      ||
||[ ]|Byzantine Gold Coin     |After manhole; On top of crate in the corner   ||
||[ ]|Glass Evil Eye          |Climb up twice;On platform after turning around||
||[ ]|Ottoman Ring            |Treasure Room; Armor to the right of the steps ||
||[ ]|Silver Amulet Box       |Drop from metal roof; Search plant box nearby  ||
||[ ]|Silver Belt Buckle      |Second open area; Search area inside fountain  ||
||[ ]|Ivory Chess Knight      |At the far right end of the wooden beam area   ||
||[ ]|Ottoman Bracelet        |After swinging by rope, around building,go down||
||[ ]|Antique Pocket Watch    |On a wall after hopping down, before hopping   ||
|    |                        |from roof to roof to the whistling guard       ||
||[ ]|Antique Pipe            |Museum Room; At lion head relief left of gate  ||
||[ ]|Jeweled Bracelet        |In sewer area with guards aiming at you        ||
Weapons on this level:
|WEAPON PICKUPS:      |o Tranquilizer Gun                                      |
|                     |                                                        |

Treasure Video for this level (part 1)

Follow Harry and climb up the ledges, then follow him across several pipes.  Apparently Nate and Harry reach a dead end .. or not?  Look up with the D-pad and a manhole far up becomes visible.  After a short dialog, Flynn gives Nate a boost.  Climb all the way up to the manhole and go through.

.----- TREASURE #6: BYZANTINE GOLD COIN ---------------------------------------.
|!|Right after getting out of the manhole, turn around and look for a shiny  |!|
|!|glow coming from a corner with a fragile crate.  The treasure is lying on |!|
|!|top of it.                                                                |!|

Hop over the big green pipe crossing the hall and give Flynn a boost by holding the Triangle button nearby the wall.  He'll drop the ladder for Nate, so follow up.  Climb up twice, then turn around.

.----- TREASURE #7: GLASS EVIL EYE --------------------------------------------.
|!|After climbing the platform, turn around and look for a ladder on the     |!|
|!|other side - this leads to a small catwalk containing the treasure near a |!|
|!|fire extinguisher at the back.                                            |!|

Hot steam is blocking the way over at the green pipes; Flynn tells Nate to look for a valve.  This is located exactly to the other side across the pipes - climb up and turn it so the guys can continue their infiltration.

Leap over to the pipe, then swing to the platform left.  From here, leap over to the structure on the side, shimmy a little to the left, climb up and go down the other side in order to shimmy around the obstacle fence, then drop down on the catwalk below you.  Proceed and a short cutscene initiates.  Proceed forward and pass through a treasure room.

.----- TREASURE #8: OTTOMAN RING ----------------------------------------------.
|!|As you walk up the small steps of the treasure room, turn right and       |!|
|!|explore the corner.  The treasure is located on an armor here.            |!|

As you attempt to enter through the door, Nate is quick to stop Flynn on opening it; An alarm has been set up.  To find the junction box, follow the red wiring from the alarm - this leads you right to the junction box.  Backtrack to where you came from, hop on the platform next to a fire extinguisher and flip the switch in the box, then go through the doors.

Take out the guard by holding the analog stick and tapping Circle to come out of your cover position, then press the Square button to perform a stealth attack.  Follow Flynn and hop down - then take cover near the center and take out the guard by using the same technique as you did just now.  Following this, climb the gate to your left and shimmy over to the balcony.

There are two guards conversing here, but Flynn'll take care of the other one whenever you rush over them and melee them KO.  Follow Flynn to the right, hop down to the area below and do ass Flynn says: He goes right, you go left.
Stay low and take cover - a guard is on patrol not too far away, but you should have no problem approaching him from around the corner and taking him out with a stealth maneuver.  Go over the stairs, leap over to a roof, then drop down when the guard(s) aren't looking and take one of them out as Flynn deals with the other one.

.----- TREASURE #9: SILVER AMULET BOX -----------------------------------------.
|!|Right after dropping down from the metal roof, inspect one of the plant   |!|
|!|boxes for a shimmering light - this treasure's located here.              |!|

The doors appear to be rigged with another alarm, so you'll have to follow the alarm wiring to the junction box once again like earlier.  Climb the gate, shimmy to the right and climb the pillar ledges leading to the junction box.  Don't carelessly leap down or the guard on the upper balcony may poop your party by spotting you and telling his Turkish buddies that you're up to no good.  You don't want that, really.

In the next area are eight guards in total, and it's advisable to deal with all of them, not only to make the gameplay easier but for trophy purposes as well.  Follow Flynn to the right side and hop over to the area down below.  First of all, take out the guard standing nearby the pillars - he may not be visible at first, so carefully circle around the pillars to spot him.

From here, take out the guard at the fountain by going around it counterclock-wise.  Also take note of the guard standing on the balcony to the right - you'll want to take him out next by pulling him over in the plant box.  As soon as you do this, two more guards enter the balcony.  Wait until they're standing with their backs turned to you, then rush over to the one closest by to you and knock him out - Flynn should take care of the other guard, if not, do so yourself.

Hop down below when the guard there isn't looking and take him out as well.  All who remain now are the two guards nearby the initial staircase.  This is an easy task - simply head over there and kick the crap out of them.

.----- TREASURE #10: SILVER BELT BUCKLE ---------------------------------------.
|!|This one's best gotten after dealing with all guards in this area.  Just  |!|
|!|hop over inside the big fountain and look around for the shiny treasure.  |!|

From the door in the upper right corner of the area - where the two guards came out of - climb the flower box and proceed over the metal roof.  From here, use the grated window to climb over to several ledges and to the open window.

This next area has another set of guards, but fortunately Flynn took a set of [Tranquilizer Guns] with him.  Hit one of the guards with a dart as Flynn takes out the second one, then take cover behind some boxes.  Move forward to a next set of boxes and take out the remaining (two) guard(s) on the upper level.

Flynn tells you to help him by pushing a cart with a very heavy box on it to the wall so you can climb the balcony.  Do so, then climb the rope that Flynn clings to the wall.  As you're about to shimmy over the ledges, a guard catches Flynn by surprise, busting through the door.  Hanging from the ledge above, simply pop a tranquilizer in the back of his spine to make him (un)comfortably numb.  He must've seen a fleeting glimpse from the corner of his eye, but as he turned to look it was gone.
Make your way over to the other upper side of the area by swinging from ledge to ledge.  Here, cross the first wooden beam and head towards the right.

.----- TREASURE #11: IVORY CHESS KNIGHT ---------------------------------------.
|!|At the far right end of the wooden beam you can spot another shiny        |!|
|!|treasure.  Simply walk over there to collect it.                          |!|

Cross the bars and leap over to a platform with stairs.  From here, continue outside and the target tower is in sight.  Follow Flynn; hop over a ledge, leap over to the roof on the other side and walk around the ledge following another roof afterwards.  Leap over to a last roof and a small scene initiates.

Flynn sets up another rope which you can use to swing over to the ledges right of it - wiggle the analog stick appropriately and press X when ready. 

Treasure Video for this level (part 2)

.----- TREASURE #12: OTTOMAN BRACELET -----------------------------------------.
|!|Before climbing up, instead look for a ledge that leads to the edge of the|!|
|!|building.  From here, the treasure can be found by proceeding to the sewer|!|
|!|grate down below.                                                         |!|

Pull the guard at the top over the edge, then explore the roof.  Climbing one of the metal crates at the right end, you'll find a ladder hanging from the tower left. Climb it, then shimmy around the tower counterclockwise and take out the guard on the adjacent balcony before swinging over.

.----- TREASURE #13: ANTIQUE POCKET WATCH -------------------------------------.
|!|Hop down to the roof below and turn around and follow the path to your    |!|
|!|right.  Go around the corner (left) and stand still at the edge of the    |!|
|!|roof.  This treasure's shine can be spotted on the wall to your left.     |!|
|!|Shoot it off, then drop down to collect it.                               |!|

Jump from roof to roof until you reach another balcony.  There's a whistling guard on this balcony, so pop a dart in him before proceeding.  Simply make your way to the tower after Chloe turns off the lights.  A scene occurs and trouble begins.

.----- TREASURE #14: ANTIQUE PIPE ---------------------------------------------.
|!|When you gain control of Nate, immediately search for this treasure.  It  |!|
|!|is located in an alcove of this room - at a relief of a lion head.  This  |!|
|!|relief is located to the left of the closed barred gate with three guards |!|
|!|behind it, constantly aiming at you.                                      |!|

Quickly dodge any red laser beams and rush for the hall with red flashing lights.  As you head down the hall, the gate is closed - immediately turn right and down the stairs, after which you can climb through the open window.  Make a run for the manhole on the other side and jump down.

Run through the tunnel and make your way through the next area as well, but be quick as you do so, because guards will be aiming for your head at all times.

.----- TREASURE #15: JEWELED BRACELET -----------------------------------------.
|!|This treasure is located in the area right where all the guards are       |!|
|!|aiming for your head.  You should be able to spot its shine nearby a pipe.|!|
|!|Just be sure to quickly grab it to avoid getting shot.                    |!|

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