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A Rock and a Hard Place
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

A Rock and a Hard Place

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide - Walkthrough

A Rock and a Hard Place

Treasure on this level:
||BOX|Treasure Name:          |Location:                                      ||
||[ ]|Wrathful Deity Statue   |Nearby a tree immediately to the right of cliff||
||[ ]|Saraswati Statue        |Nearby first body - in the corner with rubbish ||
||[ ]|Tibetan Snuff Bottle    |After shooting 1st lock; Look up and shoot body||
||[ ]|Bhutanese Lime Box      |Lower snowy area right before entering a cabin ||
||[ ]|Ghau Amulet Thogchag    |After leap of faith, in back of the train cabin||
Weapons on this level:
|WEAPON PICKUPS:      |o 92FS (9mm Pistol)                                     |
|                     |                                                        |

Treasure Video for this level (part 1)

Nate awakens in a train cabin hanging over a snowy cliff.  As he looks at his abdomen, he notices that he's heavily bleeding.  To make matter worse, he's actually sitting in a vertically hanging cabin that's about to fall down the cliffs.

When you gain control of Nate, shimmy to the left with the analog stick and go around the cabin from where you can climb up.  After Nate dodges a large rock, climb up further and jump when the game prompts you.  Go left around the cabin, up the pipe and enter inside afterwards.  Climb the seats, then move to the right side to reach the pipe again - make your way up and climb the platform.  Climb into the other cabin, then rush over to the cliff in order to make the jump - do this quickly.

The game now flashes back as Nate meets Harry Flynn and Chloe Fraser, who manage to convince him to dive into a new adventure revolving around Marco Polo's expedition to Asia.  A mongolian lamp appears to be the missing puzzle piece in solving the mysteries that this expedition had always been cloaked in.

.----- TREASURE #1: WRATHFUL DEITY STATUE -------------------------------------.
|!|This one's found to the right, just after climbing the first cliff. Watch |!|
|!|the shiny glimmer coming from nearby a tree. Press Triangle to pick it up.|!|
|!|Be warned - you can not backtrack to this treasure after proceeding!      |!|

Proceed to the wreckage and push several iron beams out of the way. Lying nearby is a dead grunt with a [92FS - 9mm Pistol], so arm yourself with this.

.----- TREASURE #2: SARASWATI STATUE ------------------------------------------.
|!|This is found right after collecting the pistol from the body. It's lying |!|
|!|in the corner nearby a pile of rubbish - just look for it's shine.        |!|

Open the door of the wrecked cabin with the triangle button prompt, collect a pistol clip as you go through, and shoot the lock off the chain at the end to clear the way.

.----- TREASURE #3: TIBETAN SNUFF BOTTLE --------------------------------------.
|!|After opening the door, don't immediately proceed but look up instead.    |!|
|!|Spot the dead body of another grunt  on the opposite side and shoot the   |!|
|!|body to make it fall down in the snow, then collect the treasure.         |!|

Kill the thug as you continue until you reach a dead end.  From here, climb up, then leap across another cabin.

.----- TREASURE #4: BHUTANESE LIME BOX ----------------------------------------.
|!|Before exploring the train cabin, drop down on the platform behind you and|!|
|!|then drop down in the snow to your south.  This treasure's located here.  |!|

Proceed through the train cabin, then climb up when you reach the door at the other end.  Another flashback will occur.  Afterwards, proceed to the opening at the end of the cabin, take a leap of faith to the other side and cling onto the pipe.  From here, climb into another train cabin.

.----- TREASURE #5: GHAU AMULET THOGCHAG --------------------------------------.
|!|Climb up in the train cabin, then turn around.  You'll spot another shiny |!|
|!|glimmer in the back - simply walk over to it by the ledge and collect it. |!|

Treasure Video for this level (part 2)

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Comments for A Rock and a Hard Place

2 comments, latest first.
ID #242664 | Jan 14th 2013 Guest
after shooting the lock to open the door i come to a dead end. standing in the door i see a dead guy ahead of me lying in water and to my right i had found something that i could climb on to but thats as far as i can go. it wont let me do anything els. i tried climbing further but nothing happends. i looked for a body up top and their is none. further more these iron beams, i cant move them nither. is there something that you guys know that i dont? please help. it looks like a fun game but i am quickly loseing intrest.
ID #5263 | Jul 20th 2010 lildom12
Excellent guide, helped me collect all the trophies and attain platinum status.