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3: Price Airfield
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

3: Price Airfield

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Mission 3: Price Airfield

After the scene head out the chain link door and sneak to the far right side. Wait for the loner to come over and do a Takedown. Then sneak behind the equipment and M&E the two at the C4. Grab the C4 and continue down and past the stairs to the end to get the Flashbangs. Then up the stairs and crouch at the door. Open and immediately take out the door right inside with a Takedown. Crouch head to the far left and jump over the ledge and do a Death From Above on the guy below. Then crouch and head to the right making sure the guy is down from the catwalk and sneak up behind him for another Takedown. Now up the stairs and back outside and jump over the edge and shimmy across the building to the left side window. Go back inside and drop down the whole in the roof. Crouch open the door and take out the guy right to the right. Then jump back up the whole. This is not your good pistol so you only have two M&Es. Aim at the trap and the far right guy at the helicopter and then shoot the final guy or sneak around him for the takedown.

Price Airfield - Escape

Head outside and on the left is a weapons stash so it's back to your 3 Mark pistol. Crouch and head hard left around the corner to the window at the building. Ignore the guy outside it to the left for now. He has too many friends. After a bit a guy will come in to the table across the room and that is when you need to jump in and crouch Takedown. Then immediately open the door and Takedown the guy outside. Head back inside and jump out the back window. Crouch move to the left to the next building and M&E the two around the corner. Head to the chain link fence but go right into a third building. Frag Grenades are on the corner table. Then Takedown the guy in the door. Head to the building at the end of the way and peak under the door and Mark the 3 inside. Now head around to the back and a window and you'll get a clean shot at all three for your Execute. Jump into the building and flip the power. Then immediately jump out the front window and head into the chain link door to move on.

Crouch as you come in this area as they seem to have really good hearing here. A guy will walk in front for you to follow and Takedown. Then head right and creep around to the far right. Takedown the guy looking around this area. Then move towards the generator. There should be two more guys in this area, both moving independant of each other, for two more easy takedowns. Then C4 the generator and IMMEDIATELY head into the large tent at the backside. This section is about patience because there are a lot of guys but none are really a concern. They will slowly make their way to the generator and you can creep hugging the right wall all the way out without needing to attack anyone.

Price Airfield -Blowing Stuff Up

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