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2: Kobin's Mansion
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

2: Kobin's Mansion

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Mission 2: Kobin's Mansion

You'll get the under door mirror and be forced to use it on the first door. Then open the door and head down the street to the right. Crouch before the side door on the mansion and creep in for a takedown. Then M&E the two standing in front of the mansion. Then up the pipe and grab the guy out of the window. Crouch and open the door and takedown the guy looking for the ledge. Then into the side room and M&E. Make sure you don't shoot through the glass. (Alternately take the puipe and bypass them). Then through the glass door and head to the weapon stash. Equip and upgrade the Reflex Sight on the second pistol, the MP-446. This gives you 3 M&Es now. BIG TIME helpful.

Head around the right side and climb the pipe and then Death From Above on the guy below. M&E the two guys in front. Then head up the right side for a loner to do another Takedown. Back down to the lower lever and M&E the trap to take out two, along with the two other guys that are left to get all four. (Alternately ignore the guy on the top and wait for one of the lower guys to seperate to the left. Then takedown him and M&E the other 3).

Head downstairs and head left. Wait by the left column for the three guys to spread out. Headshot the middle guy and then takedown the left side. Then either use the pipe to get across for a Death From Above or just crouch move your way over there for a tradional Takedown. Peek under the door to make sure no one is watching and then enter. Cover to the left and take out all the lights to draw attention and then shoot the three guys that are left.

Kobin's Mansion - Getting In

Continue outside and up the pipe and another guy to pull out the window. Then two guys come down the stairs for a M&E. Then up the stairs and out the left side window. Pull yet another guy out the window. Now I like to stay on the ledge and pull them out the window one at a time. If you get seen you can move to the far left around the edge and they can't see you. Then sneak over to Korbin and interogate him for the end of the mission. (Alternately pull the first guy out the window and then enter on the far right side. Make sure to open the window first. Then headshot the guy. After that M&E the other three and then take out Kobin.)

Kobin's Mansion - Getting Kobin

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