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4: Diwaniya, Iraq
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

4: Diwaniya, Iraq

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Mission 4: Diwaniya, Iraq

First off this mission pissed a lot of people off because they said this was a stealth game. Well I'm here to show you how to complete this mission 90% stealth. You can avoid the first three sections of guys almost completely and do quite a few Takedowns. Unfortunately you don't have a silenced weapon and you don't get to Mark and Execute, and you don't get to see when people can spot you so it can be pretty tricky.

When you take control head to the far left and run until you get to the dufflebag on the ground. Then you need to crouch. You will pretty much be in crouch for the rest of the level. Also, rolling is your new best friend. It gives you a little extra burst of speed. You can run to the flatbed truck once you pass the shopping cart. When you reach the truck head around the left side and get on the crates. You need to wait for the guy on the far straight away left to come to you. As soon as he passes you hug that left wall all the way to the blue car. This is the first tricky part. You need to roll to the concrete dividers FAST to not get seen. Then when the soldier there is looking away head left to the blue car and jump over the hood and head to the bus.

Now we wait. There is a guy doing a wide loop around the right side. We need to wait at the front of the bus for him to pass then head in and do a Takedown. You should take him down about the back of the truck. At the front bumper of the blue car but the semi make sure all 3 soldiers are there and then throw a Grenade at the sign post. This will eliminate all 3 and then get up and run past the semi to clear section 1.

At section 2 crouch at the blue car on the left and work your way cover to cover at the back section toward the right until you get to the truck on cinder blocks. Head past the fence to the red car and watch for soldier and head along the back right block to block. Watch out for the soldier on the tanker. At the wrecked car head left to the building and peek in to make sure its clear. There should be a soldier looking with his back to you at the window. Ignore him and head to the right side door. Move to the red tool chest and then to the left side of the far wall past the wood shed. Grenade the four there by throwing it towards the middle soldier and then run to the gate.

Iraq - Staying Alive

Crouch at the tire between the two cars and hug the left wooden fence. Creep around the stack of crates and do a Takedown. The guy on the roof is pretty oblivious to anything so no worries about his position. Then head back to the two car and work your way cover to the cover from the cars to the left. The buy in the right building has pretty good eyes so be careful with your movements here. Stack of tires to the box to the back left bumper of the white car to the concrete block and then roll to the truck. HUG THE TRUCK and as soon as you leave the back bumper ROLL ROLL ROLL to get around and then come in the back and do a Takedown. Grab the 2 grenades on the back left table.

Head out the blasted back area to the large pile of rocks and then into the back building area. Hug the right wall and WAIT. When the guy goes past just go to the opposite side. Wait again for him to finish his loop and then head in huggin left and around and follow the wall tight for a Takedown on the guy standing in the open. Then follow through and do a Takedown on the looping guy. Head through the opening the guy was standing in and work to the stacked crates. Just work cover to cover around the back right and behind the truck and hug right and you're through the section.

Firing time. Just work around and use your grenades. Hug the large post with the bird stencil and then clear the right hall and take out the two guys in the back room. Bust through the doors and when you get outside crouch to the window and shoot the two captures. Head inside and free SAM FISHER? Oh SNAP!

Big battle time but it's super easy and quick. When the sniper slows up on the left, shoot the barrel. When TWO guys show up on the right roof, shoot the barrel. When people show up in the center shoot the barrel. A couple more shots and it's all over.

Iraq - Rescuing Your Friend

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