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Your House

The Sims Social Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Your House

Use the shop to make changes to the layout, style and design of your Sim’s house. You can store any items you do not want to use right away by using the move button and dragging it into the storage area. You can access storage and place items directly into your house.

To move items around, select them in shop mode and then click the move button. You are given the option to rotate items to make sure they are usable in your house, and look at their best. You can also click on the sell button to get some cash for your unwanted items, or put them in storage. You are given a quote for the item once you click on sell.

One of the main goals in The Sims Social is to increase the value of your property. You will see The Home Value, which indicates the physical worth of your house. You can make this number go up by redecorating, adding rooms and increasing the quality of the items within.

Build Mode

You can add more rooms to your house by going to the Build section of the Shop. There are a variety of Room types to choose from, so select the one you want and pick the location for it. Unlike in previous Sims games, you actually have to construct the room yourself, including putting a door and windows in! Speak to friends and see if they are willing to help you build it.

At this time you are not able to expand the plot of land that your house is on, but expect this to be added soon (as a premium add on, we would imagine). You cannot own more than one house, though again, this is likely to be added in the future.

It is important (when increasing the value of your house) to make sure the outside is decorated as well as the inside. You can use wallpaper for this, by ensuring the walls are visible and simply copying the technique from decorating the inside of the house.

To get help from a friend in constructing a new room on your house, simply send them a request to help. Keep an eye out for requests from friends for your help too!

To put furniture into storage, simply go into Shop Mode, click on your item that you would like to remove, then select the move icon. Drag the item down to the bottom of the screen into the storage zone.

Complicated items, like a grill, you have to build after buying them. You cannot store unfinished items either, so consider this carefully before you splash the cash.

Build Mode also has a Storage function – you can place rooms in storage if you do not want them on the house. This follows the same methodology as Shop Mode.


If you do not maintain your garden, weeds grow. This is not like previous Sims games where your garden stays pristine forever regardless of how much you use it. You should regularly get your Sim to weed the garden. This does earn you some rewards as well, so should not be ignored.

Build a Free Room

It's possible to construct your house so that you get a room completely free through some clever design!

To do this, position four rooms in a cross shape, leaving a central courtyard area. All the walls should be connected – you should have a square space in the middle. It's this space that makes your free room. You can put floor tiles down and wallpaper up to make it more homely, without the cost of building the room from scratch.

Some weeds may grow up through the floor tiles, but if you put down rugs they will prevent them from coming through.

Increase Your Home Value

A good way to increase the value of your home is to look out for the ‘Specials' area in Build Mode. In this section you will find items that are dramatically reduced in cost, or even items that previously were premium (costing SimsCash) but are now temporarily available with Simoleons.

How to Speak French to Other Sims

One of the game's romantic interactions is for your Sim to speak French to another. To enable this, you first need to learn French by reading a French book as one of the interactions with a bookcase. Then, if you perform enough romantic interactions with another Sim, you will get the option of Je t'aime. Select this to begin speaking French to them.

Missing Rooms in Storage

If you put a room into storage, you should be able to get it back by selecting Storage, then Rooms. However, if you put the first room you start the game with into storage, it will be deleted, so beware!

Vacation Homes

Vacation Homes are a recent edition to The Sims Social. To be able to build yourself a Vacation Home, you need to be at least Level 10, and have a home value above 33,000.

Then, you can click the new Locations button, left of the Inspiration bar. Select the property that is for sale, and, as long as you have 12,000 Simoleons, 5 Certificates and 10 Contracts, you will be able to purchase it. If you are lacking the requisite Certificates and Contracts, you can always buy them with SimCash, but the best way is to ask for them from friends.

Your application to build a Vacation Home then needs to be approved. You will be waiting 24 hours for this.

Note that once you have your new Vacation Home, items you purchase can be used in your main property and your Vacation Home – you don't need to buy them twice.