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In The Sims Social, it is possible to have up to six Traits. A Trait is like adding a personality point to your Sim. You can purchase Traits with Lifetime Points. Lifetime Points are earned by performing skills and levelling up. Make sure you collect the relevant icon that appears after levelling up in a skill to get the Lifetime Point.

If you already have six Traits, you can swap them around to make room for another one.

Below is a list of all the Traits currently in The Sims Social:

Great Kisser: These Sims can make the move early in a relationship with no risk. It costs 150 Lifetime Points to unlock.

Insane: A fun Trait! It is also well suited to Introverts. Sims with the Insane Trait can have conversations with plants from the off. They can also eat their own shoes (!) at Level 3 to reduce the Hunger Need. This Trait costs 75 Lifetime Points.

Neat: Sims with the Neat Trait wash their hands after going to the toilet without you having to ask them! They also enjoy cleaning. This Trait can be purchased for 100 Lifetime Points.

Night Owl: These Sims can stay up late into the night, requiring less sleep than other Sims. Purchase this Trait for 50 Lifetime Points.

Ninja: Probably the coolest Trait at the moment. Ninja Sims are quick, stealthy, and can zip around the house. The popularity and usefulness of this Trait is shown in its price: 150 Lifetime Points.

Ogre: This one goes well with the Slob Trait. You can burp and fart at other Sims, if you feel like insulting them in a disgusting manner, and can clean items without using up energy. For 100 Lifetime Points, this Trait can be yours.

Slob: This is a fun Trait to have, and is bound to provide some laughs for your friends. Slob Sims use the bath as a toilet (at level 3) and can eat from a dustbin (at level 5). You still have to keep their Hygiene levels high to ensure they are Inspired, however. You can purchase the Slob trait for 75 Lifetime Points.

Steel Bladder: This one is quite useful, as it reduces the frequency at which your Sim needs the toilet. You can buy it for 50 Lifetime Points.

SuperMechanic: This Trait allows your Sims to repair objects more quickly. This Trait is likely to get far more important as EA expand the game. This Trait costs 50 Lifetime Points.

You can master each Trait by getting them to Level 4 – every additional level requires more Lifetime Points to reach.


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