Inspired Sims and Needs

The Sims Social Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Inspired Sims and Needs

The key to succeeding in The Sims Social is to make sure your Sim is Inspired. This gives your Sims more desire, and allows you to improve aspects of their lives.  Inspired Sims get more rewards, and more Simoleons, for completing tasks in game – even menial things such as weeding the garden.

To make your Sim Inspired, you should, as in previous Sims games, strive to keep all of their wants and needs fulfilled. The six needs of Sims Social are:

Bladder – Your Sim needs to go to the toilet! The more they drink, the more often they have to go. You don’t want them being caught out here.

Fun – In order to cope with the stresses of work and improving their own skills, Sims need to have some downtime and plenty of fun in their lives.

Hunger – Feed your Sim well and as they request it to ensure they always have the desire for work and skill building.

Hygiene – Sims need to keep themselves clean, bathing and washing daily. If their home is too dirty, this also affects their ability to function in a normal life.

Social – Even Introvert Sims have to fulfil this need. Meet and chat with friends to keep it nice and high.

Sleep – One of the most important needs, getting plenty of sleep ensures Sims have the stamina to make it through the next day, and are able to complete all of their required tasks. Don’t underestimate its importance!

Use your new Energy once again to make money, and repeat the whole process once your Energy is depleted.

To trigger the Inspired status, you need to click the green smiley face icon that appears after the last required need has been fulfilled – though the game does collect it automatically after a while.

Keep an eye on your Sim’s needs. While you should be aiming for the Inspired status, if you see the needs going yellow or even red, drastic action should be taken to avoid your Sim having any nasty incidents. Your Sims can get to the stage of ignoring your instructions until their need is addressed.

At the moment, there is no death in The Sims Social. Unlike previous Sims games, where your needs get so low that your Sim dies, you do not have to worry quite so much in Social.

Prolonged Inspiration

Once you manage to make your Sim Inspired, for example by filling your social Need at a neighbor’s without using up energy, then returning home and filling your other Needs, also without using energy. When finally Inspired, use up your energy making money using your preferred techniques. Once your energy is depleted, but you are still Inspired, enter Buy or Build mode. This freezes your Needs but allows your Energy to rise. Go and do something else in another tab and come back later – once you exit Build/Buy mode you should still be inspired but now with full Energy!


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what happens if you dont fill the social icon

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Touch the toilet to make your sim poo

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Please help!

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After marriage is there a higher level?

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can u hav babys?

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