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Energy Guide
The Sims Social

Energy Guide

The Sims Social Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Energy Guide

This section of the guide aims to talk you through some strategies for getting, and maintaining, a high energy level amongst your Sims.

Energy is important as you need it to reach the 'Inspired' mood, which improves pretty much everything you do in the game, as well as allowing your Sim to function as normal in the community. As in real life, energy is required for every task, so you don't want to get caught short and not be able to complete important jobs. Below is a list of the ways to gain energy, complete with a few extra hints and tips:

Be patient: Energy recharges if you don't perform any strenuous tasks. This is obviously pretty boring, so you will want a quicker way to get it back. In fact, it takes a mind-numbing 5 minutes for your Sim to get a single energy point back if you leave them alone. Try some of the sections below for more advice on this.

Level up: When your Sim levels up, your energy bar is completely refilled. Bearing this in mind, it is a good idea to try and plan your levelling up for when your energy is at its lowest, to make the process as efficient as possible. If you level up when your energy bar is already full, you have effectively wasted all that extra energy that you could have gained. If your Sim is close to the next level (so you are about to complete a goal that will give your Sim lots of experience to push you over the edge), for example, it is worth performing basic household tasks, that don't earn you many points, to get your energy down. You can then finish the goal for lots of XP, level up, and be given full energy. With the more menial tasks done, you can then use this new energy to get your Sim moving forwards in The Sims Social.

Use the Shop: As mentioned above, one of the best ways to get Energy is to use the in-game shop. Not to buy energy items, but to effectively pause your Sim's needs while still allowing them to regain energy. So you can enter the shop, then go off and do your other Internet browsing, and when you come back, your energy will have been recharging, but your Sim won't have increased any of their needs. This is an exploit really, so it may be something that is patched in the future.

Be Generous: To encourage even more social elements, The Sims Social allows you to 'gift' energy to your friends and neighbors. Essentially you can give one energy point to a neighbor, absolutely free, at no detriment for yourself. You can then ask them to return the favor. In fact, most people on The Sims Social will be happy to do this to all of their neighbors without any prompting. If you think about it and you have plenty of neighbors, you can effectively get a great stream of energy coming into your account on a daily basis.

Item Creation and Use: There are a number of items that you can craft to give you energy, while you can also use items that you acquire more generally to add energy to your Sim. In your backpack, you will find Chocolate, which gives you a 1 energy boost, a cup, which adds 3 energy, and a Mug icon, which gives an impressive 5. Stockpiling these items and saving them for when you are in desperate need

Visit Neighbors: The social element to The Sims Social is, fairly obviously, important. If you add a brand new Neighbor, the first time you visit them the game rewards you with 3 Energy points. This encourages players to experiment with new neighbors and try to expand their community as much as possible. Of course, there are also lots of other bonuses to visiting friends and neighbors, so it's always going to be a good strategy.

Use Energy to Get Energy: While this may sound like a bit of an odd suggestion, when you perform tasks that need Energy, you always have a reasonable chance of getting Energy back as a result. Even if you don't get any Energy, you will receive XP and Simoleons, so if you're in a tight spot and really need to perform that energy-sapping task, sometimes you just have to go for it and pray that the game rewards you with an Energy reprieve.

Energy Bonuses: Remember to use the Energy bonuses that you are given with your neighbors. The game will reward you with one more Energy point after you have doled out all 5 of the energy bonuses on your neighbors.


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Comments for Energy Guide

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ID #454362 | Oct 3rd 2014 Guest
I thought we were talking about how to DRAIN a sims energy, not gain it!!!
ID #171239 | Aug 2nd 2012 Guest
ID #145194 | May 25th 2012 Guest
ID #136771 | Apr 25th 2012 Guest
Does anyone know what time the game resets things like neighbor visits etc? I know it's not midnight EST, and I think I used to know when it was, but I have no clue at this point. I'm pretty sure it isn't midnight PST either (that was my first guess).
ID #128891 | Apr 3rd 2012 michaeltyan wsd
seharusnya cheat langsung kata2xnya bukan saran biar bisa memuaskan pengguna