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by Mike Hazleton  

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Crafting is for the items that you can’t purchase, and is a new feature in The Sims Social. To ‘craft’ something, you need to collect the required items first. Use the Craft section to see the rewards for crafting each item, and then be on the lookout for the required items. Potions are mysterious and some even have negative results – these can only be crafted. Click on the Craft menu and hover over any items you do not have – the game will tell you how to acquire them.
Below are some of the items that can be crafted, and instructions on how to do it:

5 Energy Potion
This gives you a plus-5 energy top up. To craft it, you need 8 Goodwill (from being nice to friends), 7 Love (from romantic actions) and 3 Buzz (from fun activities).

Bad Mood Potion
Why you would want this is debatable, but this potion puts your Sim in a foul mood. Use 2 Fury, 2 Wrench (from repairing items) and 1 Leftover (from fulfilling Hunger needs) to be able to craft it.

Cleaning Collection
To get 150 Simoleons and 3 Energy. Craft it with 4 Cloth, 4 Rubber Gloves and 4 Dusters. These items are obtained by cleaning.

Fun Potion
This boosts your Fun Need. It requires 1 Relaxation, 1 Entertainment, and 1 Buzz, all collected from having Fun!

Good Night’s Sleep
This reduces your Sim’s Sleep Needs. You can craft it with 1 Dream, 1 Nightcap and 1 Soft Pillow, all from previous meeting your Sim’s sleep needs.

This reduces your Sim’s Hunger Need. Use 1 Nutty Snack Bar, 1 Leftovers, and 1 Delicious Morsel to craft it.

Inspired Potion
Obviously, this potion Inspires your Sim, and as such is a very valuable one. To make it, you need 5 Muse (from art/creative actions), 5 Love and 8 Goodwill.

Magic Soap
This increases your Sim’s hygiene level. To get it, collect 1 Soapsud, 1 Rubber Duckie and 1 Sponge. For these, you just need to increase your Sim’s hygiene to collect.

Repair Collection
This gives you 20 Simoleons and 50 XP. It is crafted using 2 Wood, 2 Nails and 2 Hammer, produced from repairing items previously.
You will now find some of the ingredients most commonly required for crafting, and tips on collecting them easily.

How to get Fury:
To get Fury, you basically just need to insult your friends. As Bella is a NPC, you can insult her to your heart’s content without any worries. Obviously as you insult people, their opinion of you drops, but you can get it to rise again relatively easily. You could also arrange to have agreements with your friends to use them to get Fury points – that way they won’t mind you insulting them! The worse your relationship with someone, the funnier, and more devastating, the actions you can perform at them.
Spend points on the Slob and Ogre traits to get new options for ruining your friendships in pursuit of Fury!

How to get Goodwill:
Goodwill will get you friends, so is what you will want to do after gaining Fury by insulting everyone! Choose the positive actions and conversation options to get Goodwill. Nicer options appear the better the relationship you have with another Sim.

How to get Love:
Surprisingly, love doesn’t have to come from a romantic relationship. Instead, you get Love merely by being with another Sim and doing an activity with them, like dancing to music, for example.

How to get Bling:
Bling is collected from posts on the Wall. After building something, you can post a message which will allow your friends to get Bling when they read it.

How to get Buzz:
Buzz is gained from doing fun activities. Let your Sim enjoy themselves to give them a Buzz!

How to get Muse:
Muse is obtained from performing creative art and music actions.

Crafting uses items that you may need to build furniture, so always check first before employing one of your crafts.


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what does the secret potion do

Added 28th Jun 2012, ID #157888

I'm in serious need of sparkles and I have no clue how to get them. PLEASE. How?

Added 17th Jun 2012, ID #153697

I need help with building the beach pool. I need paper contracts. How do i get them?

Added 22nd May 2012, ID #144376

I get Bling from using the Dove Hair Therapy shower repeatedly. It seriously works for me, at first it might feel like it doesn't work but if you insist then the more often they'll pop up.

Added 30th Apr 2012, ID #138325

I need to know how to get hope for a shower I have to build and I also need rubber duckies

Added 30th Mar 2012, ID #127723

I am having a hard time getting a coffee bean. It says to ask your friends but I am not sure how to ask them when there is no button for it!?

Added 18th Jan 2012, ID #107168

How do I get the mixology? I need to go to craft then find the mixology for the bad mood potion but I don't know how to do it - help please

Added 29th Dec 2011, ID #100094

how to get nail /

Added 14th Dec 2011, ID #94963

I know what you mean by having 20 muse and losing them! You have to watch what you craft. It takes them away like if your building something and you only need 1 more muse if you craft something it takes it away from you.

Added 2nd Dec 2011, ID #91942

I needed 20 muses to build the bookcase. I had 18 and then I lost them. I now have 2.
What caused this?

Added 9th Nov 2011, ID #86309

How to get witches Hats?

Added 17th Oct 2011, ID #81068

Another way to get fury without doing bad things to other sims..
What I always do is play stereo (the big one, which you can only obtain using sims cash). Pick Listen to Pop then Play the Guitar for Fun. It might not work every time. Just make sure your fun is not at maximum level.

Happy trying!

Added 11th Oct 2011, ID #79633

Get the dunkin donut chair and it will give LOTS of buzz

Added 1st Oct 2011, ID #77782

I actually have a really hard time getting Buzz. I've been playing this game for about month almost every day and I have yet to receive one. It says to do fun activities, which I do often, but I never receive a buzz. Why is it not working for me???

Added 29th Sep 2011, ID #77357

You can also get Bling from mining in your yard. Random gems appear when you are gone along with treasure chests these can give you Bling. But they also require energy to mine.

Added 21st Sep 2011, ID #75769