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The Hunger Games Adventures Walkthrough and Guide

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Store Items


Makeshift Trap - $65
Big Camp Fire - $50 - You already have one of these in your camp. Build another one and you essentially have another source of $50 per hour.
Shelter - $100 - If you build a shelter, you will be rewarded with 10 Energy every 8 hours, roughly the amount of time most people need to sleep.
Apple Tree - Level 3
Arrow Crafting Table - Locked by Quest
Orange Tree - Level 4
Well - Locked by Quest
Small Pond - Level 5
First Aid Pedestal - Level 5
Strawberry Bush - Level 6
Herbalist Table - Level 6
Archery Target - Level 6
Small Campfire - Level 6
Worshop - Level 6
Steel Trap - Level 7
Cabin - Locked by Quest
Map Table - Locked by Quest
Reading Corner - Locked by Quest
Sewing Station - Locked by Quest


Marigolds - Level 2
Grassy Patch - Level 3
Lush Bush - Level 3
Purple Marigolds - Level 3
Outhouse - Level 4
Primroses - Level 4
Wood Block - Level 4
Alarm Bell - Level 5
Dandelions - Level 5
Dandelions Log - Level 5
Fox - Locked by Quest
Hydranegea Bush - Level 6
Red Bush - Level 6
Rose Bush - Level 6
Birdhouse - Level 7
Cat - Locked by Quest
Old Tree - Level 7
Red Maple Tree - Level 7
Bunny - Locked by Quest
Dandelions Cart - Level 8
Fruit Basket - Level 8
Sleeping Bags - Level 8
Bench - Level 9
Picnic Table - Level 9
Gazebo - Level 10


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How to get effries purse when the quest is complete but not got it

Added 19th Jul 2014, ID #421588

I adopted a cat after prim gave me a collar, but when I placed it it never "finished" so it's still translucent. I've tried to click on it and around it everyday for a week now but no options appear when I click on it. Any tips?

Added 23rd Dec 2013, ID #333268

Where do u get spices for the roast beef?

Added 8th Jul 2013, ID #295769

Where do i find a sharp knife

Added 12th Apr 2013, ID #272894

How do I get spices??

Added 1st Mar 2013, ID #259701

You get flames from the lamppost in the bakery and the district 12 train station. They don't drop very often but that is how to do it.
And to get ambers map you need to go to the woods I think and collect it from amber. It is a quest so just click on your quests and it'll show you.

Added 19th Feb 2013, ID #256154

where do u get amber's map so u can finsh the map table.

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #231354

How do you get flames for your small fire

Added 21st Aug 2012, ID #178541

You need to buy those items, MICHWUR. When you open the store, you've got some different subjects: One says special (which is illustrated with a star), one says build (which is illustrated with a hammer) and one says decorations (which is llustrated with a tree). They are at the upper side when you open the store. You can find the items you mean by clicking the tree above at the right. Hope I have helped you

Added 17th Jul 2012, ID #165217

I'm already up to Level 37, but no steel trap. Can we still get it?

Added 29th Jun 2012, ID #158296

How in the world did we get the items listed above?? I have finished all the levels but didn't get any of the decoration items listed above, nor are they available in the Store to buy.

Added 26th Jun 2012, ID #157330