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Rightside Down Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2

Rightside Down Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Rightside Down Galaxy

(World 1)

Breaking the Laws of Gravity

For the first section you just need to work your way down picking up Coin and Star Bits as you go. At the bottom ground pound the button to receive a large cache of coins then fling yourself up with the large flower. The way the arrows are pointing is the way the gravity is working. Work your way through the level until you come to the first section of Thwomps.

The Comet Medal is in the upper middle of the two Twomps. Go past both of them and then jump onto the last ones back using that extra height to get the Comet Medal.

After that you'll get the Fire Flower to blast crates out of your way before working through a flat section. Then back to gravity. Run past the Twomps and then use the small recessed area to keep from getting smashed. Then to the final room. Rotate around past the Star if you want to get the 1UP. Just just let gravity that you to the Star.


Breaking The Laws of Gravity


The Great Crate Incinerator

This hidden Star is in the Green Pipe to the left after you throw the very first switch. Use the Fire Flower to break all the crates revealing another Green Pipe. This one leads to Gearmo. If you accept his challenge you have just 20 seconds to destroy all the crates. Immediately throw a fire forward and then to both forward angles. Then work the backside at angles also. Using the last few seconds to clear up any you missed.


The Great Crate Incinerator


Rightside Down Green Stars x2

Green Star #1 is just back from the area where the screen rotates perspective. Long Jump from the top of the grass to get back into the top down area. Then quickly spin jump to the Green Star.
Green Star #2 is after the final 6 Thwomps. Jump on top of the last Thwomp and then jump over to the Toad. Backflip to the wall and then wall jump spin to get to the Green Star.


Rightside Down Green Stars


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Comments for Rightside Down Galaxy

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ID #109659 | Jan 27th 2012 Guest
Thanks, I couldn't find the second green star! Thanks for the help!
ID #29868 | Feb 21st 2011 Guest
This piece of advice is rubbish
. Hope u rot in hell.
ID #22508 | Dec 26th 2010 Guest
omg i love this it helped me a lot like i didnt even know there were green stars and yet i couldnt finish that stupid level haha
thanx a lot ;)